The CoCo3 got some uptime this "weekend". Played around in OS9 for a while, then rebooted back into BASIC.

I'm slowly typing in all the programs from a K-Power book (_Computer Space Adventures_). I typed in 4 more! I'm about half-way through the book.

I'm even typing in the programs I already had from this book, so I can have the original versions.

Except "Asteroid of Doom". Typing in that monster once was enough for one life!

I had tried finishing a CoCo modempak to rs232 pak conversion with a MAX232 chip, and couldn't ever get it to work... I wonder if I have the TxD and RxD lines backwards on it, too!?!?

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I found out last night that the I-APL organization did indeed port their APL interpreter to RISC OS.
Of course it's 26 bit only with no source. :-(

But I feel better anyway. :-)

I played with iapl on my CoCo3 under OS-9 a fair bit, and it worked well. I just didn't have a lot of vector / matrix math I needed to do.

I'm still amazed at how few rs232 line I use these days. The coco and the teletek have serial lines to my server, and of course the teletek has a serial line to its terminal. A free connection for the m100 and wp2 and that's it! Everything else is wifi or ethernet.

Made a color printout of the map for Alternate Reality The City

Maybe next time I get a character going I won't get so lost.


I look at my poor neglected coco and all I see is so much work to do... 😢

Drivewire 4 server running! Drivewire service is restored to my coco3!

Got a new RF encoder. It handles my CoCo3 and Atari Flashback 2 much better than the old vcr!

extracted the newest copies of my virtual hard disks from the CHIP backup i made before it died... Now to get the Drivewire4 server up and running again and I can get back into coco stuff!

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