typed in another 2 K-Power games, a wall-of-text generator and another version of the diamond generator...

so many PRINTs...

Part of yesterday's coco adventures involved Ultra Edit, the best (imho) DECB text editor.

Problem is, ultra edit isn't emacs, or vi, or wordstar, or even edt. Completely its own thing. I can't ever remember the keys.

I wrote out a cheatsheet but yeah... my writing..

So today i hammered out the cheatsheet in Ovation under RISC OS! Now it's all pretty and readable, and in an 18 point font so I can read it!

Ended up digging into ROMpak transfer stuff. There's some black magic, there. All of my ROMpaks have been copied to disk, either by me or someone else. I started poking at what I thought was a disk of raw ROM images but were they had already been converted to disk! Excellent, I didn't have to mess with them!

It was mostly application stuff, too. Mostly useless IMO, since even if the programs will run from disk, they can only save/load data to tape. Bleah.

The CoCo3 got more uptime today! Typed in another K-Power "game" about weird unit conversions, and *gasp* found a bad file on one of my disks! Fortunately I had other copies of that file, as well as a printout, so nothing was actually lost! TEXT2.BAS lives!!!!!

The FAT8 filesystem doesn't have a lot of redunancy, but really, Disk BASIC is actually very reliable. It rarely screws up files.

The CoCo3 got some uptime this "weekend". Played around in OS9 for a while, then rebooted back into BASIC.

I'm slowly typing in all the programs from a K-Power book (_Computer Space Adventures_). I typed in 4 more! I'm about half-way through the book.

I'm even typing in the programs I already had from this book, so I can have the original versions.

Except "Asteroid of Doom". Typing in that monster once was enough for one life!

I had tried finishing a CoCo modempak to rs232 pak conversion with a MAX232 chip, and couldn't ever get it to work... I wonder if I have the TxD and RxD lines backwards on it, too!?!?

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I found out last night that the I-APL organization did indeed port their APL interpreter to RISC OS.
Of course it's 26 bit only with no source. :-(

But I feel better anyway. :-)

I played with iapl on my CoCo3 under OS-9 a fair bit, and it worked well. I just didn't have a lot of vector / matrix math I needed to do.

I'm still amazed at how few rs232 line I use these days. The coco and the teletek have serial lines to my server, and of course the teletek has a serial line to its terminal. A free connection for the m100 and wp2 and that's it! Everything else is wifi or ethernet.

Made a color printout of the map for Alternate Reality The City

Maybe next time I get a character going I won't get so lost.


I look at my poor neglected coco and all I see is so much work to do... 😢

Drivewire 4 server running! Drivewire service is restored to my coco3!

Got a new RF encoder. It handles my CoCo3 and Atari Flashback 2 much better than the old vcr!

extracted the newest copies of my virtual hard disks from the CHIP backup i made before it died... Now to get the Drivewire4 server up and running again and I can get back into coco stuff!

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