Here it is!

And the BEST GAME EVAR? "Mysterious Moom Maze" In which the computer repeatedly rolls a d6 and you guess which number came up.

It is one of the better games in the book but it was 1983.

Also the Chinese Calender "game" had a Y1990 bug, it wouldn't accept a current year after 1990! 🤣🤣🤣

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Now that im awake i should look into tall pi cases...
(Wire ties to the rescue!)

New Bowsette Saga!!!!

Pencils Pit of Pony

Home of Anon's Pie adventure.

bird girl goes blah blah blah...

Wrong again!

PCL font stuff is complicated and stubborn!

But I found a setting to set lines per page. I set it to 66 and BOOM cawf's page of output suddenly fits on one page!

I forgot that freakin HP thinks that it can only fit 60 lines on a 8.5x11 inch paper! I should have remembered this from the 90's when I had to deal with hardware laserjets.

Anyway, same setup for the screenshot. The bottom window is the result of epson2ps, top window is pcl2pdf.

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Simple answer, the default font used by gpcl is HUGE compared to what cawf expects!

Same cawf source, same pdf viewer. The bottom window is the result of epson2ps+ps2pdf. The top window is the result of pcl2pdf.

Never mind pagesizes, I need to argue with gpcl about FONT sizes!

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So, my trailer's carpets are very worn.
My new-ish (couple of years old now) vacuum cleaner is very very sensitive to carpet thickness. The setting that would pick up anything from the worn areas would pop the brush belt off the motor's shaft in the thicker areas.

Putting the belt back on today, i noticed a little metal piece that limits how far sideways the belt can go. Since it was clearly insufficient I made a new one.

Hah! Found out where hides it's disk images on It's in /data/data/

And only root can see anything in that whole tree.

And they did thoughtfully provide a blank disk image. :-)

New Bowsette Saga!

(i have no clue who most of these people are)
Pencils Pit of Pony

Home of Anon's Pie adventure.

the non-retrocomputer table. , plus a couple of . One is a raspian pi3 and the other is a pi2 running RISC OS

Since I posted a picture of the CoCo+stuff desk I guess I can finish the set.
galvatron (black linux box) , its terminal, canon printer, model 100.

upgraded the OS to 0.993!

Of course, since it's android, this means reflashing and starting from scratch.

But at least most of my .apk's were left somewhere accessible, so I backed them up. I'll still have to re-install but I won't have to download it all again.

Here's what the thinks its screen looks like....

(first post from )

coco/atari/tauon setup

theres always room for one more computer, right? 😂

I'm no good at taking pictures but heres what android7 looks like on NTSC

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