I read these great books and often browse them as reference resources on Intel 8080 Assembly and CP/M programming:

- "Mastering CP/M" by Alan Miller
- "8080/8085 Software Design" by David Larsen et al.

#retrocomputing #cpm

The "8 mile floppy" book! (i have a copy it is useful)

@goosey I never used CP/M or read the book back then, but a hobby project I'm working on is making me rediscover CP/M and 8080.

@amoroso Me either. I got given a Kaypro 1 sometime in the 90's.
I like CP/M. It does what it does and doesn't interfere otherwise. 8080 I'm not as fond of. Zilog assembly is much saner.

@goosey Although I appreciate the additional power of the Z80, I prefer the simplicity of the 8080 instruction set. It also makes it simpler to develop Assembly tools.


this is true! Since each opcode has a unique mnemonic, Intel style is a lot simpler to work with.

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