OK slight correction, Risc OS kermit still works on 5.28 & ARMv7, at least sort of....

terminal mode is fine (vt52 ugh!) but I'm not having much luck with kermit file transfers. Might not be its fault though, as the linux c-kermit I was talking to has problems with file transfers to CP/M kermit, so it may be the linux Kermit is broken.

Humm, that's actually not fair to kermit, when I haven't tested file transfers with connector or hearsay at alll!

also i might not have all the option flags set right..,

anyway I'll test it against a different ckermit and see what happens.

One thing that is fair to point out about (Risc OS) kermit is that it's a full screen single-tasking program rather than a WIMP app.

I understand why, adding a WIMP interface around ported unix (or whatever) code is a big job by itself.

But it does make it harder to, say, download a file and then test it to see if the transfer worked...

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