Found another little 26bit RISC OS program with source to attempt a recompile. A little ray-tracer ported from Amiga...

First of all, the BBCBASIC program that converts the ray-tracer's output to acorn Sprite format has 26bit assembly routines and is just borked.

Second, the included source is only the original(?) msdos source, not the source for the full RISC OS app!

Who does that! That's just messed up!


Just had to mess around with this some more.
the fancy app-style RISC OS renderer runs under aemulor.
Finally, after much hacking, got the 2sprite converter to run under aemulor...
it seems to have RGB ordering issues. I know this is sort of a thing under RISC OS on Raspberry Pi. Some part of the system wants, like, GBR or something, but it's never bitten me before so I'd have to rtfm to even talk about it correctly.

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