I found out last night that the I-APL organization did indeed port their APL interpreter to RISC OS.
Of course it's 26 bit only with no source. :-(

But I feel better anyway. :-)

I played with iapl on my CoCo3 under OS-9 a fair bit, and it worked well. I just didn't have a lot of vector / matrix math I needed to do.

@goosey Might be worth porting J instead? I have vague recollections that J is now GPL licensed.

I've even got the (unix-only) source for the version of J that got a RISC OS port.

I don't know... It's not like I need APL or J for anything? I was just sort of confused and upset that APL, a language that NEEDS graphical font handling, didn't have any RISC OS versions, when the RISC OS WIMP is such a natural home for it.

Yes I am a programming language nerd. ;-)

And also, IIRC I-APL was an English organization, and as such should have considered it a patriotic duty to make a RISC OS version of their interpreter. :-)

@goosey Just imagine how much further the Archimedes would have gone, had all software publishers (and not just games publishers) thought the same. ;)

Oh? I don't know much about that. What little I know of the British software scene, I learned from "The Digital Antiquarian" blog or inferred from current RISC OS software.

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