Ya, that RISC OS program I gave up on recompiling as 32-bit? I couldn't stay away, and had to try again.

Got a lot further this time. Actually figured out why I was getting pointers into the 0-page.

But now I've hit another stumbling block and have cried for help on the ROOL forum.

We'll see if I get any response...

almost the best response!
" oh yeah i remember this one it was a pain to fix let me see if i still have my version"

Im glad im not totally cancelled on the ROOL forum. (I think i lost a lot of cred there, I misdiagnosed compiler errors and wasted the time of people trying to help me out ):

tldr: So the big problem turned out to be that Desklib is distributed with binaries that aren't ARMv7 friendly.
long version: Current Desklib is distributed for current cpus... but only for GCC as ELF binaries. It's the last official DDE Desklib that's not ARM7 friendly.

Apparently nobody cares enough to maintain an AOF package for Desklib.

I switched to Rick Murray's Desklib fork and all is happiness!

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