I think I'm getting close with epson2ps... It does the right thing with a flat ascii file.
Would've been a lot easier if unixlib included open() but I guess that's too much to ask of a UNIX compatibility library. :-/


OK.... epson2ps sort of works....
As in, it produces a PS file that (linux) ghostscript and gv can display.
*However* it isn't broken into individual pages, and the RISC OS viewers expect PS files to be broken up into pages internally, so that's a bit dubious.

Not sure how it would look printed, I really don't want to end up making 30 copies of the cawf man page...

After running the result of epson2ps through ps2ps I get a file RISC OS gview can display! Woot! (ghostview just exits)
epson2ps and ps2eps, gview can display the file, ghostview renders all the output onto *one* page.
epson2ps and ps2pdf, gview, ghostview, and !pdf can display the results properly!

(ps2ps, ps2eps, and ps2pdf are all scripts calling ghostscript with various options)

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