Now released: asm80: 8080 and 8085 cross assemblers for UNIX and RISC OS

This version splits off the 8085 specific "undocumented" opcodes into asm85.

full sources included.

#8080 #8085

I'm not sure if I've stumbled across that one yet, I will give it a closer look!

@goosey I started following its development since I needed something for Renesas (former Hitachi) H8 series. Looking at the low-traffic mailing list they are extremely fast in fixing things. (I'd say it's a mature project and does not need lots of new development).

Just found this:

OK I can get a proper Intel HEX file from it, that's a good first step... 😀

@saper @goosey Only comment is that CMD Microelectronics did not make the 65816; Western Design Center is the designer and primary vendor for that architecture.

CMD used that chip to make the SuperCPU products for the C64 and C128, however.

@vertigo @saper

I don't know the details of anything that happened in the 6502 world after 1984.

Basically everything I know of 6502 is from "Micro 6502" magazine that closed then. It ran from '77 to '84.

Different CMD! The SuperCPU was by Creative Micro Designs. The G65SC816 was a GTE chip, and GTE were bought by California Micro Devices in 87. There's a GTE datasheet from April 85:

Back then, WDC would have needed to license their design to someone with a fab. Now, they mark the chips with their own logo and sell them - but they still use someone else's fab. (WDC are a classic two-men-in-a-shed kind of company, a lifestyle business only.)

@goosey @vertigo @saper

@EdS @goosey @saper Thanks; still, whether 2 people or 20000, WDC is the entity that revised the 6502 into 65C02 and 65816 instruction sets.

Everyone still knows that Qualcomm makes the Snapdragon line of processors; but, they still run the ARM instruction set. Nobody uses a Snapdragon assembler, for example. :)

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