RISC OS uses "cat", for CLI directory listings, which I can handle. I've seen that before. It also has "fileinfo" which is OK.
But it also has "ex" which gives the human-readable formated listing, and I've gotten used to it but I still go "what?" every time I type it.

(and guess what's lurking on my Slackware server? That's right: real BSD vi. which means real ex.)

It hasn't happened yet, but I do forsee typing "ex" into the wrong window and ending up in a line editor.

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On Slackware, vi is actually elvis which is a bit more advanced than BSD vi.

Said BSD vi does not exist anymore, as far as I know, and has been replaced by nvi on at least OpenBSD.

Why yes, I am an insufferable vi nerd, why do you ask? Sorry about this nerdiness interruption! 🤓


humm you're right, vi is a link to elvis, heh and ex is a link to vim!

....and if it was my old server tne BSD vi sources didnt make it to /usr/local/src which means it was either my old laptop or the ps/2 that I had BSD vi on. I'll have to do some digging....

All these Slackware boxes start blending together after 25+ years!

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