A guy on the ROOL forums ported clearview, an old hypertext system (non html) from 26bit RISC OS to modern 32bit RO.

Had some trouble getting it to run on picky ARMv7 boards because ARMv7 is picky about NULL dereference. Turns out the bug was in RISCOS_LIB and had been there for 30 years!

Anyway I'm happy to see more 26bit riscos code dragged into the 32bit world.

So now I'm converting the docs for an old FOCAL interpreter to clearview.

Clearview is ok. I'm not super in love, but tbh I've never been super in love with any of the systems I've written for.

Feeling happier with clearview now. Something clicked in my head and now its syntax makes sense. 😁 I still think it's too fussy about spaces but thats what happens when you don't use quote markers...

Also I'd forgotten how madly recursive BNF is when I sat down to the FOCAL manual. "thing is a link followed by link, or it can be a thing followed by syntax followed by a link..." Fortunately FOCAL has very limited expressions!

I just need to add some formatting markup now, make it look pretty.

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