is complicated.
I'm running 5.24, the current stable version on a Pi2.
One of the 26bit sort-of-emulators, , now requires RO 5.27, a beta OS version.
They didn't mention this new requirement... until after I'd upgraded.

For some reason, it was not simply a matter of reinstalling the old version, as the old versions also refused to work!

After a lot of crashes I replaced the CMOS file with one from a stock RO5.24 image and got ADFFS 2.64 to work again. stopping cuz it works.


I am kind of proud of . It's an old startrek that was turned into a full-screen graphics game. Pretty well done, too.

It's pure BASIC so I thought it would run under regular 32bit RISC OS, but nope, turns out it pokes directly at the old Acorn video chip.

I was able to figure out how to make it work under and I'm proud of that.

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