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3/4 To my point, the forum headings of "Challenges Without Geolocation", plus including panelists from 911, then on to technical issues. My question: Where is the panel for "Who will be hurt by Geo-location and Do We Even Need It; Hint: Answer Is No We Don't"

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2/4 I've come to realize the answer as no, or yes w/ VERY strict limits.This gets into safety & sending police or others without consent.We already have 911 & that is understood to include geolocation. I fear 988 is a classic surveillance grab.Classic means under guise of "good".

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1/4 RE: USA National 988 number service for crisis/suicide hotline. Geo-Location.

Rob Wipond (@RobWipond twitter) shared about tomorrow's FCC forum 5/24. Link for public to attend at link below.

I try to be measured because I know I lack knowledge, but tomorrow's FCC forum keeps bothering me. I read the outline at link. If interested, READ the session headings. Geo-location is pre-supposed and that's wrong.The first question should be "Does 988 require geolocation?"

How dare wordle not consider floof a word.

Pierre Bourdieu, "a social movement is the only way...they need to burn cars, but with a purpose." From the film (available on YouTube) Sociology is a Martial Art

The heartbreak of that fresh pasta you were saving that slides into the drain as you try to drain the water out right as it is ready to eat...

Zoom in Thurs at 1pm Pacific to hear Leah Horgan and me in conversation with Carl DiSalvo about his new nmboon Design as Democratic Inquiry (MIT Press), organized by Paul Dourish for his CREATE Center.

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RT @UofMDesign
Our #DesignJustice Cluster Hire Initiative continues with a search for a #graphicdesign assistant/associate professor! More details will be coming in June so stay tuned. Learn more at #hiring #academicjobs

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tfw you're grading and you think grades are kind of pointless and you're just like "okay, fine whatever I'll give you the point for that."

I meant to type in Crunchbase and accidentally typed in Brunchbase. Same same? lol

Historian of Pittburgh Gabriel Winant makes a point about how deindustrialized Pittsburgh became a health care city in part because one of the only ways we have of getting resources, time, or rest as workers in the United States is to make it into a medical problem. This is true of my life this morning.

The whole interview is so excellent and illuminating, I wanted to share:

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Thread: #OtD 13 May 1985 Philadelphia police attacked the home of Black liberation and environmental group MOVE, then dropped a bomb on it, killing 5 adults and 6 children, destroying 61 homes in the predominantly Black neighbourhood, and making 250 people homeless.

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Yes, spammers can show up, BUT:

Users can report them.
Moderators can block them.
Entire instances can be blocked and disconnected from the wider mastodon network if needed.

This has happened in the past, including with users I have personally kicked out of SDF.

Whatever applies to spammers also applies to other antisocial behaviour.

Distributed moderation seems to be working fine, so far.

I told Alex Rivera, maker of Sleep Dealer, about mastodon today. We were talking about needing to have progressive visions of the future that we are building. A fediverse we can given and design democratically seems like a huge game changer.

Has anyone done writing on the social challenges of mastodon at scale? Like content moderation -- will that be a thing? Can spammers show up?

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Mr. Mulchandani comes from the Joint Articial Intelligence Center, which has been colloquially referred to as the "[Project] Maven Factory".

Project Maven was the DoD's pathfinder project for incorporating Silicon Valley AI into warfighting -- most notably through computer vision on drone imagery. The less reported aspects of Maven -- per public procurement -- included satellite equivalents, facial recognition, and analysis of "Publicly Available Information".

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When my Android kicks the crapper, should I replace it with an iphone because of the way apple is kicking Facebook by turning off the ID for advertisers? Or am I falling for the hype?

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#OtD 10 May 1920, dock workers in England refused to load armaments for use by Allies against the Russian Revolution. Sylvia Pankhurst played a key role in organising this, as did a woman known only as "Mrs Walker from Poplar"

The time of night when you come tweet into the fediverse because this section is new text you gotta draft

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