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Sad, Seamonkey crashes on my Thinkpad X40 when I try to open Telegram Web.

Thinking in hosting some wiki software for writing my crazy and dumb ideas, I wanna to write notes from command line and GUI environments from most all my machines.
Something simple, any software recommendation?

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Flat ui makes details of the interface difficult to interpret. It's aesthetic consumerism in web design. Throwing away the old for no reason other than that it's old, and insisting that people adopt the new because the old is old, so for this and no other reason, the old is bad.

Textured interface design emulated physical interfaces. It had shading. It had recognizable shape and texture, and its shape followed its function.

But since the widespread adoption of computers and the internet, this intuitive design has been abandoned under the assumption that since everyone knows how the tech works now, and knows how to use it, that there's no need to make the interface intuitive.

But this drives away new adopters, and makes the process of using interfaces into something like interpreting esoteric symbolism.

The interfaces, over time, have become more and more abstract, to the point that the symbols themselves are completely alienated from their origin.

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It's funny that it's called electron in singular, given how many memory-stick electrons it consumes

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RT @woketopus
The guy who created PHP (Rasmus Lerdorf) appears to have reached some higher level of coder enlightenment

Jesus F.. Christ.
My X40 with his Pentium M is more faster than this Via Nano U3500.

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All the files in /etc/X11 are technically The X-Files.

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Getting a little more used to using Haiku bare metal, but still gotta learn a bit more about its inner workings, and learn how to adjust my thinking from more Unix-like when using it. But so far I've been doing good!

I'm happy to see the spirit of BeOS still alive in it!

I spent the night trying to compile Seamonkey and ArcticFox on NetBSD, frustrating...

30GB is too small.
Ended up installing NetBSD, 9Front, FreeDOS and antiX.
I think I will remove antiX and use that space on NetBSD.

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The Plan9 Boot Camp of @SDF made me open my main mouse and fix the middle button. 😂

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SeaMonkey is literally making my internet experience full and complete. Web browsing, NewsGroups, IRC, HTML editing...!

Have found that my Thin Client is just a Fujitsu Siemens A250 with another brand. Here more photos, I using a IDE 40 to CF card adapter and... I tried to make he accessible so I can change the card without difficult. Well... The result is something.

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Anna from SDF posted a great phlog on how she uses her SDF shared unix account in her daily life.
Its pretty amazing how many uses she has for it.

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Updating the collection... Still missing a #psion 7. but the prices are too high

Great! FreeBSD and OpenBSD wont boot, NetBSD installs ok but the X server don't work.

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