Time to retire this thin client that served me as a file server for 2 years.
I will exchange it for another more powerful thin client.

Geode GX2 333MHZ

Last Gen Huh?

As a last goodbye to my 9front server I decided to build the complete system from source for no reason.
The CPU is a Geode LX800 500MHZ and RAM is 512MB.
Here are the results for both system and kernel.

Have found that my Thin Client is just a Fujitsu Siemens A250 with another brand. Here more photos, I using a IDE 40 to CF card adapter and... I tried to make he accessible so I can change the card without difficult. Well... The result is something.

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I picked up a thin client with the Geode LX processor, never used this version but the previous "GX2" is the brain of my file server.
My hopes was realistic, the Geode series is known for the bad performance, but I was seeking for power efficiency.
"Why not a Raspberry PI?"
Because I already have some and I like odd x86 hardware.
Maybe I will install 9front on it, the maximum capacity CF card I have is 4GB.

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