Thinking in hosting some wiki software for writing my crazy and dumb ideas, I wanna to write notes from command line and GUI environments from most all my machines.
Something simple, any software recommendation?

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It would be a nice project to make a software like that if I can't find it.
Too bad I already have other projects at the moment.


Let us know what you find.

I have used #foswiki for years as a business and family #wiki, but it is web only (it is possible to edit topics in the command line if you ssh into the server... but far from ideal as then the authorship and other data is not stored correctly). It would be good to know if you find something that meets your criteria, as it may also work well me.

@retroedgetech I like to tinkering with weird and old hardware. My file server uses a CPU of 333MH, if I find what I want will have to be some lightweight software.

@EdS @glassnerves

I've used #tiddlywiki in the past and liked some things about it.

Since it uses javascript in the browser, I don't think it meets @glassnerves 's requirements.

@glassnerves Have not tried it myself, but seen some nice wikis built with ikiwiki, which seems to fit your requirements:

@glassnerves I’ve always loved dokuwiki, but I’ve been using obsidian for note taking and not only they offer publishing (on the expensive side), but it’s all markdown, so making it web ready should be easy-ish, there’s a plug in that already does it for GitHub hostes pages.

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