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The most revolutionary, difficult and important fight of the current times is the fight for truth. It requires to fight against our own beliefs, and against our own mistakes.

That means you have to boost my art.
I'm 21 now. Oh god.
#art #mastoart #creativetoots #oc

¡ Por fin scratch ha dejado de usar flash player ! en su nueva versión  gran noticia, para las personas que usamos esta magnifica herramienta  !herramientaseducativas

@thegibson if you're approached by police, turn your phone off. Even with biometrics enabled it'll demand your password on boot.

This is a crucial moment for those in the EU to stop #Article13 and #Article11—votes in the coming weeks will determine whether huge swaths of online expression will be subject to mass, arbitrary control.

Here's what you can do today to help:

@ghostdancer Safe topics for a new comer are:

-Emacs vs. Vi.

-Top posting, middle posting, or bottom posting in email

-Linux vs. GNU/Linux.

Come on in. Get your feet wet and enjoy your stay.

Joan den ostiralean bete zen Aaron Swartz-ek bere buruz beste egitera bultzatu zutenaren 6. urteurrena,
Gur Internet zer izatea nahiko gendukena pentsarazi zigun pertsona garrantzitsuenetako bat izan zen #AaronSwartz


good and strong dear fedizens 3 years ago (IMHO) our favourite alien left for his planet

I have only just now realised how ridiculous it is that there are decent tutorials on installing things like MySQL, Nginx, gittea, Pleroma etc but none of them cover the important subject of how you backup. #devops
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