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Guys you have to help me with #myclickphoto remember photos that match the theme: city & nature. Do not be shy.

“In 1972, scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology made a bold prediction. By developing a scientific model that considered the way that humans and the planet interact with each other, the researchers determined that society was heading toward collapse by the mid-21st century, driven largely by the forces of growing population and capital over-exploiting limited planetary resources…Turns out, we're right on schedule”



signing up to a private messaging app with your phone number be like:

Je vais me commander une grosse config sans Windows du coup, mais pour jouer sur Manjaro, vous conseilleriez quoi? (CPU/GPU)

Je sais que c'est très personnel, mais j'aimerais bien avoir des pistes, les résultats de mes recherches ne m'éclairent pas beaucoup

Merci :blobcatheart:

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Blanquear la explotación , nuestros famosos mejores gestores del mundo mundial = administradores de la miseria y de la limosna para la mayoría. Administradores de la riqueza para su minoría.

Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in. -- Anonymous Greek Proverb

Let's make a week of photography on the fediverse. The theme is: city & nature. Use hashtag #myclickphoto boost and share. Let the show begin!

"My mind is expanding, my horizons are broadening. I’m washing the dishes while having a cutting-edge audio experience learning about the Plague of Justinian."…


🔔Ya somos 15000 en Instagram. La macrofiesta del Humor donde lo único que contagiamos son risas. Apúntate 👇🏻:


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