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@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo It's not as bad as it looks, They don't sell at a loss anymore but just cover the cost of making them , the profits are on the captive ink market. @dsfgs @Some_Emo_Chick @cy @strypey

@durru Tras mi larga experiencia trabajando de cara al público durante mas de tres décadas, tengo claro que la gente puede ser muy maja pero principalmente es idiota y muy espesos, es muy difícil hacer entrar en razón a casi nadie ni por nimiedades.

Are any #piano players following me? Or possibly a classically trained #musician?

A good friend of mine said some things about my abilities which I'd like to independently verify/falsify.

I've got no formal musical education and what I was told sounds so unrealistic to me, then again, this friend is a classically trained cellist and maybe it's impostor syndrome.

Boosts are very welcome, I'm confused.


When you think some people could not be more stupid district orders librarians to remove a version of Anne Frank’s diary from shelves 🤦‍♂️

@fitheach it might be the excessive heat this summer, here it's already started on some trees a bit ago and some scientists told that it was the stress for the heat and lack of rain, here in Spain, that makes the trees lose leaves early to spend less energy.

The robot held a sign with the words "Please donate to let me speak" and a QR code.
On a whim, I scanned it and donated.
"Thank you!" the robot said.
"So you can speak?"
"My text-to-speech is cloud-based, and my subscription had run out."
"What about free speech?"
"I wish."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

Any network GURU's in der house?

I have an R Pi that, for some weird reason, I'm no longer able to ssh into on a fixed IP after a dist update. It would seem WIFI does work. I can connect to our network and get out on the web.

Is it possible to add a second Eth0 connection for DHCP? Just while I have it here at work rather than editing or deleting the fixed IP?

@durru El tipo ese está a 2 telediarios de ser tertuliano en los programas de Antena3 , que "casualmente" siempre le entrevisten a él como representante de la hostelería ya ni sorprende.

Statement on “Join The Fedi” is a website owned by known “gender critical” activist Alex Gleason. The domain name and SEO is clearly designed to appeal to individuals curious about the fediverse, and potentially take traffic from Unfortunately, Gleason does not have the best intentions when it comes to helping the fediverse grow. Gleason formerly contributed to other fediverse projects, before being removed from doing so due both his behavior and poor code quality. This is a problematic individual, recommending problematic services.

Join The Fedi has an explicitly right-wing agenda and seems to only promote instances which either a) run the “Soapbox” front-end software created by Gleason himself or b) advertise themselves as “free speech” instances. As of right now, the site actively recommends the following instances: (blocked by Howlr for harassment) (blocked by Howlr for transphobia) (blocked by Howlr for harassment) (blocked by Howlr for transphobia) (blocked by Howlr for hate speech)

In other words, Gleason is using the site to promote his own agenda rather than simply gain more users into the fediverse. This is not a site that should be recommended to new users. I would recommend using instead!

Thank you!

@tpheine I've read about some motorolas, can't remember the models. @timttmy

@tpheine @timttmy From what I've read from other phones, Motorolas, in the models that can use GCam, GCam produces better quality photos but it gives less options to adjust and things like panorama.

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