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Pregunta sobre #XMPP; cómo se pueden hacer grupos/salas para invitar a varias usuarias? Es necesario algún permiso de la administradora?
Es algo que no encuentro por ningún lado, y de cara a invitar a gente a que lo use, creo que es algo muy necesario!

Hi mates!

Since Mastodon is removing oStatus in next release i would like to keep a link with you, so i'm following you from my Friendica alt account @silkevicious
Feel free to do the same...or not! :-)

@xrevan86 @6gain @morph @lnxw48a1 @chalkahlom @boneidol @bobjonkman

Next week G7 meeting in Biarritz from this midnight border with Spain is under special "circumstances". That means it will be a hell to cross the border from Spain. At least I know that French people will thoroughlydisinfect the beautiful Biarritz after all those parasites leave.

@kat Wife loves it, it began going like a year ago and she goes as much as possible , she feels better and more relaxed, now tries to go 3 times a week when possible.

@dick_turpin Usually the most aggressive and offended are the one with less motives @andyc

@dick_turpin @andyc I work at a Hotel and we have had some threats about bad reviews on TripAdvisor if we didn't give in to their demands, usually stupid ones, the demands and the demanders. The answer is always the same,"Ok , go ahead , do what you think you have to do"

Magnificent app which corrects your previous console command. -



@dick_turpin I don't think they're going full Tiananmen but IMHO it's clear that if they think they have to they will.

@chalkahlom I see we're all enjoying the same. Today we're going till 28, tomorrow it's rainy again , Friday and Saturday sunny and Sunday rain again. Crazy week.

@chalkahlom we're having a funny week , one day is raining, next day is sunny and hot, then repeat cycle.

@ondiz I understand than some male tools have too tight nuts and that can be a problem. 😈

mastodon needs moms, signal boost 

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