Al militar que ha amenazado con fusilar a 26 millones de hijos de puta le podría caer algún marrón, lo que pasa es que el juez piensa lo mismo.

@kingu_platypus_gidora Not that surprising. People read those signs of Push/Pull and some still have problems to open doors.

re: Food 

@TheGibson After that you will have to go foraging and hunting again with the rest of the tribe. 😆 It looks tasty.

The International Day Against DRM #IDAD is this Friday, December 4! Learn what you can do to join the fight against unjust restrictions on use and sharing of media:

@lohang Can't imagine what is it and you may be used to it (if that's possible) but in my eyes must be terrifying. Good luck.


Troleo nivel máximo. Un libro titulado "Por qué Salvini merece confianza, respeto y admiración" es el más vendido en la sección política de Amazon Italia. Tiene 110 paginas y todas están en blanco: Donde esté el ingenio italiano...


It has been announced by Monthly!

2021 will be the Year of the Beleaguered Badger !

@Luke Now you have to program the thermostat to send audio with the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger( I had to look it ) or Robert Patrick and 🤖

@Luke "Obey minion!, Feed me or you'll die frozen or even worse you'll burn and will have to pay a big bill on top of that." This is not the robot rising we have seen on the movies but is pretty dystopic too. 😆

Today, December 2nd, is International #Slavery Abolition Day.

In its classical sense, slavery today is a thing mostly of the past, but let's not forget about today's borderline-slavery cases, such as debt bondage, wage slavery and child labor that still abound around the globe. Those are still serious and must be addressed.


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