:lgbt_io: It was brought to my attention that there's a Matrix/Riot.im LGBT chatroom (filled with homophobic messages) has linked itself to our website lgbt.io.

A Masto user and myself have contacted the owner of the chatroom (appeared to be "thekyriarchy") but no response so far.

I'm not entirely sure if this is a pure mistake or a troll to our site.

So, can you all kindly help boosting this toot and hopefully some people might come forward with more info or ways to contact the chatroom owner?

Thank you very much!

@dick_turpin There should be a license with an exam for having children and another one to use the internet.

@dick_turpin That's it. When my son tells me about some things that happen at his school I can't believe it . People getting up in the middle of the class to give a note to other person. And teachers don't do anything. It looks like other world to me . I don't want old style schools with physical punishment but something in between with discipline and respect for the teachers and the rest of the children. Parents are worse than children.

@dick_turpin As one of the comments say it's called discipline and hardly nothing new.

As much as we should push for Free/Libre or Open Source software, if there’s one thing I hate more than anything its DRM. DRM makes it so you don’t even own the things that you purchase.. I say that’s bullshit.

support DRM-Free sources:
#FCKDRM #DRMFree #SoftwareFreedom #GOG

@randynose I prefer not to talk now that he's coming less than 40 km from home this week @jwildeboer

@jwildeboer I can hear from here the sigh of relief from Greenlanders.

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