good and strong dear fedizens . Someone opened the gates of hell and heat is over the place . it's horrible.

@ghostdancer It's 26° here -- which is refreshingly cool after yesterday's 38° high. Good afternoon 🙂

Today here 34C , they say tomorrow will be worse., the problem here is humidity, when when go over 30 it's like we are in a sauna , sweating no matter what you do or don't , also yesterday 21, today 34, tomorrow worse and Saturday 21 and rain , who said weather is boring. I will gladly give you 10 C today and tomorrow and a pair of the for the weekend. 😉 @paul

@ghostdancer @paul Wondering why this is not appearing in my "Notifications"? Luckily I spotted it in my "Home Page. I wonder how many other replies I've missed thus making writers think I'm rude by ignoring them?

@dick_turpin Notifications from web or from the app? Cause sometimes, no pattern that I can see, in my case fedilab takes some time even if I can see it in my timeline. @paul's see if this one shows @paul

@ghostdancer Tomorrow and Friday should be about the same here -- mid 20s -- and then it goes up again at the weekend. It's too hot.

@morph I'm presenting a complain to my representative in the EU , we are 1st world and 21st century we should be able to control the weather by now , also where are my flying cars ? 😆 @paul @metalbiker

@ghostdancer I support your campaign. More chem trails should be launched. Now! ✊

@metalbiker That calms me down. He just told in a speech: "I’m a man with common sense."

@morph @metalbiker He's a stable genius. We know he's a stable genius because he keeps telling everyone that he's a stable genius 😉

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