@pla Same here, stacked up on coffee, wasabi-coated peanuts and ready to go. For me it's the most important race of the season - and I missed most of the last week's the Ronde due to my trip back from Taiwan to Switzerland.

@bikejourno Sounds like you are all set for a great day. Geared up for another epic Paris–Roubaix. 🚲
@pla @bikejourno and it has all broken up! Just before the first cobbles in the xwind

@boneidol @pla Yeah, it looks promising with those ±9 riders up the road and 15 more chasing. Couple of big names in those two groups with Gaudin, Trentin and Politt. #ParisRoubaix

@pla @bikejourno it took a long time to get sorted. Sky seem to have missed out
@pla @bikejourno no break! And it's about to hit the Arrenberg... So no-one has any team mates up front!
@pla @bikejourno also.. my early guess for the win.. Alexander Kristoff... Is not looking good
@boneidol I was pulling for Wout van Aert. He was looking good there for a skinny minute. @bikejourno

@pla @boneidol Kristoff had multiple mechanicals and seems to be out of contention. Wout might still make it back with a little luck and help from his team. Not all over for him yet.

@boneidol @bikejourno
If the group don't start to collab, the 6 in the head could arrive alone

@metalbiker @pla @bikejourno I am pretty sure the winner will be from the lead group. But Who? !! ?
@metalbiker @pla @bikejourno Trentin tried to make a selection about 150km out, but punctured
@boneidol @metalbiker @bikejourno Wout van Aert courage ride. Sorry he couldn't pull out a miracle.
@pla @metalbiker @bikejourno Yves Lampeart is looking strong, but... who is the best sprinter.  Sagan or Gilbert ?  It's so exciting!

@boneidol @pla @metalbiker @bikejourno It's being a beautiful , at least the last hour (what I have seen thanks to you) .

@pla @ghostdancer @metalbiker @bikejourno what could Nils Politt do to beat Gilbert here ?
@pla @ghostdancer @metalbiker @bikejourno I imagine Politt will have to stop riding through and try an attack at least once ?

@pla Politt is younger than I thought , being 2nd is impressive in this race. @bikejourno @boneidol @metalbiker

@ghostdancer @pla @metalbiker @bikejourno That was a good Roubaix! fast and attritional from the start, and never certain until the end!
@boneidol They were smoking fast today. I wonder where today's race ranks in average KPH. I'll look for that stat later. Going out for a ride now. ☮ @ghostdancer @metalbiker @bikejourno

@pla Less than 6 hours that's fast. Be careful with cobblestones ;-) @boneidol @bikejourno @metalbiker

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