In today's breaking not-news, Greta Thunberg becomes the 301st person so far nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize of 2019.

She's a talented person and has made a great deal of people excited about political action, and that's awesome. Let's hope someone else will have done more than that for world peace before the year nears its end.

Still, she would be a worthier recipient than that time the Prize went to the just-inaugurated leader of a country that has been involved in armed conflict for over 220 out of its 244 calendar years of existence, in the hopes that he would exit some conflicts.

Spoiler: He entered some new conflicts.

@clacke The Nobel Peace Prize is tainted , I don't know if it can regain prestige, the list of "dirty" winners begins long time ago at least since Kissinger

@ghostdancer I don't know, I think they have hit several "hey did you know this awesome person(s) deserve(s) some spotlight" bullseyes between their misses, still in the last few years.

Maybe the Right Livelihood Award is a better prize in terms of who has been awarded it, but it doesn't have the same reach, publicity and establishment support, and I think it easier to (re)build trust for the Peace Prize than to lift up the RLA to the same notability. It's always going to carry the diminutive unofficial title of "Alternative Nobel Prize".

@clacke Once trust is lost is difficult to regain, it will take many years of good choices to get again and a procedure to revoke the prize if the awarded gets to the dark side as the case of Aung San Suu Kyi. And I know it's not easy. They have had really good choices but they also have had some blatantly wrong ones.

@ghostdancer Yeah, I came across the motivation for her award while writing the above, and it left a bad aftertaste. 🙁
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