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You should digitize the stuff on iron oxide post haste.

@AnnaGerber but did you do more with the theme of that first one?

So I have the win10 box I'll use for accounting at this one client's 3 mornings a week for a few hours. I added ubuntu and and ssh in home/gemlog. I can ssh into all my remote servers now from that place using linux under win10! :-) mc, ssh, rsync and cron work (haven't tested cron yet actually, but it responds to crontabe -e/-l).
If that last bit is true, I'll be worry free for a long, long time, because I use rsync snapshots on the linux side of the network and then boost them offsite to more.

re Linux’izing your Windows PC into a dev machine

I have now done this up to the x11 bit.

iotop and iftop install but fail to run.
htop and mc do install and run as normal, but htop only shows the bash processes and nothing from win10, which is a disappointment. I'd get the same from a vm ffs.
However, mc is showing me the real win10 file system, so that's a leg up right there.
Ssh and rsync would make me quite happy and those are my next steps. After that I have mere dreams...

Well, I finally did it.
First time in 25 years.
I typed 'reboot' in a root shell on a remote system by accident!
I was working on 4 different pc's in different rooms around the building including a headless linux box in a wiring closet.
There was one box that I just use to shell into the file/backup server in someone's office that is dual boot (they are closed saturdays).
It comes up as pc linux os 2011 :-)
Anyhow, I had monkeyed with samba on the server and just wanted to reboot it to win7...

Free juice today from Safeway. Knowing they are supposed to give it free when it rings up wrong is really good to know! In Canada anyhow. It will go nicely with the free cheese I got from Loblaws last week :-)

NZ doesn't have it. Some stores in Australia do it. Dunno about other countries. You should be able to find the info at [country_name] Retailers Association or similar.

@Olm_e @mattcropp amen. Many cooperative groups spend longer coordinating meetings than actually meeting, and it kills me.

Depending on how old you are: I'm old. I'm 57
My best female friends are my age. Best male friends 70-75. All for about 25-30 years
At my age, I might do the same stupid thing as many as 3 times before noticing the pattern.
Rule: don't do the same stupid thing over and over expecting a different outcome.
How often have I heard potus after potus saying "we aren't like this" "we are better than this" "this should never happen" "this won't happen again" "I'm sorry"
Pretty sure it is more than 3x

"No child should be in danger in an American school."

Come on. 8 school shootings in the first 7 weeks of 2018 in America.

So the truth is the exact opposite: all school children in America are in danger.

Actually " this year's 18th school-related shooting in the US" according to the usa's ABC

We all have our share of whackos (e.g. brevik) , but the there is something seriously messed up with you guys's culture. It just is.

It took me one hour and nearly 15 minutes to catch up to where I joined that redmond barry movie the other day! Long movie I guess ;-)
Very good. I was drawn in again.

This made me smile: Margaret Hamilton visits Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, shows kiddies that grownups like to put on costumes for play-acting, dons Wicked Witch of the West costume as demonstration. Mister Rogers notes that girls and boys like to pretend to be witches:

Really cool interactive (and #opensource) intro to how sound works, frequencies, waveforms, etc. Even if you know the stuff, it's a really neat way of visualizing it and playing around with it!

How to Make a Palm Cross

I will never do this. I'm happy with my current method.

@art NextCloud isn't a huge bog on resources, especially if you set up the intermittent cron task to do the hauskeeping. If you do find a lower-overhead sync solution that has a similar profile to NextCloud, do share...

@Siedge He's a self-righteous putz, and always has been.

"Mercy for my friends and justice for my enemies" is a common double-standard everywhere. After all, if _I_ wear Sauron's ring, I'll only use it for good, because I'm clearly enlightened... and all of you greasy lot aren't. :-)

Collective punishment, however, is mostly something that comes from authoritarians and other cretins who see the worlds in terms of group rather than individual identity (see also "Intersectionality.")

I just sat down and saw the prompt "What is on your mind?"
Well, a bunch of black ash at the moment!

Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS)

ARISS lets students worldwide experience the excitement of talking directly with crew members of the International Space Station, inspiring them to pursue interests in careers in science, technology, engineering and math, and engaging them with radio science technology through amateur radio.

@c1t7 Sorry. I guess you could take that two ways. I meant the playful fun one :-)

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Well, for my time, tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. One more sleep, as it were...

Lent here we come.

For any of you who are so inclined, please pray for my sorry ass, because I can sure use the prayers...

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