I HATE the 12hr clock!!! Who thought not numbering the hours was a good idea? Are we short of integers somewhere in the world? Maximum of 12 and no more?? Lazy clock makers?

Got this email:

"the 24th at 10:40

and back march 24th at 10:00

would you be able to take me and pick me up?"

Make me guess???? There are flights at either 10h00 or 22h00...

@gemlog A proper response: "I'm sorry, but for that I'd need to reach a superluminal speed, which is impossible within special relativity since it would break causality".

@gemlog P.S. I saw many times the arrival time of a flight to look like it was before the departure, or like the entire flight is only 5 minutes for 1500 km, due to the timezone difference. — That's why I have all my clocks and watches set to UTC (GMT).

@gemlog I think there was a time in the world where people found it difficult to count above 12. On the right whiskey, I can fully understand that :)

@gemlog Used to be my drink of choice in my drinking days. Wasn't really drinking for fine quality and taste. Just to get drunk and drown my mental issues. Whiskey works well for that :)

@xmanmonk Also, I"m pretty sure you can count above 12 to at least 24. Pretty sure...

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