Are you validated at sdf? Can you validate me? I'm gemlog there too. I know we joined at the same time. @ChristinaO

@ChristinaO I paypalled them at xmass, but i didn't do it to validate, just to donate -- I just read the validate cmd output this afternoon.

@gemlog Ohh... I just typed uinfo, and I was validated Fri Nov 28 2014. Are you saying you weren't validated at all?

@ChristinaO Nope. It was just pestering me to validate when I logged in.

@gemlog I'm not sure what's meant by this as a member action. It's been a long time since my account was validated. I have a helpdesk screen up and will paste what I learn directly.

@gemlog I'm asking helpdesk for you what 'validation' means. I'm unaware this is a peer-member privilege action.

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