I went upstairs to get a bit of nosh.

I came back downstairs and Do no turn off your computer and Updating crap on the screen. Did I tell it to do that? No. Did it ask me to do that? No.
What a piece of shit is microsoft. I'm so glad I only get paid to use it. What utter garbage.
Please keep Apple and Microsoft a thousand light years away from my own personal computer, which will happily run on bsd and linux.

@gemlog I had a cartoon a few years ago about upgrades. It had a different frame for users of different OSes. M$ was, "Oh shit, another upgrade!" Mac was, "Oh, more software for only another $99." Linux was, "Awesome. More free stuff." :)

@xmanmonk @gemlog I like the sentiment, but I think that if we were to see an increase in paid software on Linux and the BSDs it could be a good thing. There are certain projects that die or struggle under only one developer. If there was a commercial incentive maybe we could get those funded. What do you all think? I definitely don’t agree with automatic updates with reboots and all.

@mnw @xmanmonk I wrote a gpl'd payroll program for canada and kept it up for many years. Revenue canada tested it twice a year. Until I made a web gui, it only had a commercial purpose: paying employees. Several outfits threatened to donate to me over the years. None ever did. Not one nickle.
Now, after the initial write (to learn python) of 2 days it only took 8-9 hrs/yr to maintain. It had ~2k d/l's/yr. Pretty cheap payback for all the gpl stuff I use, but still. Just making the point.

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