@gemlog Probably slow because M$ is sending everything you type back to their servers :)

@xmanmonk I do the best I can to turn stuff off, but there is no way to win with ms win10. It will ALWAYS send stuff back, not matter what you do.
Personally, I just don't use apple or android or microsoft and that seems to fix things.
BSD or Linux for the win.

@bgardner I haven't used cygwin, but I suspect that if anything it probably does less. Some things plain do not work like iptop and iotop. failtime says nmap too.
There is no xclient out of the box. The howto i'm following actually suggests adding cygwin to get X: tinyurl.com/y7oyl4m8
so not sure what the point is either.
*However* I ran one command line in cmd and hit the windows store and typed ubuntu and that was it. I can now type 'bash' and ssh into my linux servers from my work box.

@gemlog I still run into issues with some networking tools like nmap.

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