running my own instance of ... It was a pretty smooth install and is really what ghost used to be, really simple blogging platform, I like it a lot! Now I have to start continuing to inspire myself to think about how I want to write always forever...

I love how is completely federated and easy to follow in mastodon. Although I can't yet edit my blog from the command line it's a nice minimal blogging platform! Federate the world!!

Our enormously productive economy demands that we make consumption our way of life, that we convert the buying and use of goods into rituals, that we seek our spiritual satisfaction and our ego satisfaction in consumption. We need things consumed, burned up, worn out, replaced and discarded at an ever-increasing rate.
Economist Victor Lebow

I am realizing you can't talk about spiritual activism without talking about feminism, gender, race and our place in nature...

Spirituality is widely dismissed in the Western world and within Western institutions.
AnaLouise Keating states that this is because academics are trained "to rely almost exclusively on rational thought, anti-spiritual forms of logical reasoning, and empirical demonstrations." M. Jacqui Alexander states that "there is a understanding that no self-respecting postmodernist would want to align herself with a category such as the spiritual, which appears so fixed, so redolent of tradition

Join me today on evolutionRevolution to the rhythm of some good tunes while discussing spiritual activism, where it stem from and how it can help to change our world.

Today 1600utc (in 30min)

allright was fun to keep an eye on mastodon! see ya'll next week!

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Archive of tonight's OpenVoIP chat can be found here:

Thank you for @snowdusk @cosullivan @holorose spud, jwh, peron, publius and many others who listened and participated

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not sure is such a great idea when I'm supposed to be overly productive on Mondays!!

felt good - now I don't know how I can catch up with it... or not? Life is good outside, burn pile, being naked on the beach, practicing my piano, going trough Bartok microcosm. A lot more dreaming/dream yoga this week - not sure if it has anything to do with less social network, but hey! Preping for another interview radio show tomorrow if I can make a final edit. I'll be all day on mastodon!

Thinking of experimenting with Monday Mastodon - reading/posting only one day a week... on Mondays when I need to find something to procrastinate on... will report back.. .on Monday hopefully.

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XPUB is the two year Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design: Experimental Publishing of the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. XPUB focuses on the acts of making things public and creating publics in the age of post-digital networks. XPUB puts special attention on collective work, DIY/DIWO/free software, and a balance of prose and code writing.

Application deadline
April 28 2022

A book is ... (work in progress)
Jian Haake (currently in the first year of study)

You want to start meditation but don't know where to start! Join us this morning (9pst 1600UTC) on evolutionRevolution on!

J&J agrees to settle - proving they were indeed at fault when it comes to the opioid crisis - this is big news and should be brought forward more. 99mln is nothing for them and it's fastest way for them to make sure no one talks about it anymore.

Going trough a weird phase... Sitting, meditating, dreaming and playing music seems to be the only reasonable thing to do at the moment...

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🖤👁‍🗨 Si certains médias sont curieux du livre « Hacker Protester », j'ai créé un dossier de presse → [PDF]

et aussi un dossier avec des belles photos du livre → [ZIP]

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