Remeber - it also might all turn out to be okay!

POLO & PAN - Dorothy (official video)
Wow! I could kill for some mushrooms right now! :-)
I first heard Polo&Pan today on @gef 's new show on with this track:
Polo&Pan Ani Kuni
@snowdusk @northernlights @claudiom @tbn97 others... :-)

First radio show ever!! thanks, @SDF more to come! It was epic (for me) you can re-listen here:

Welcome and tune in to Ambient YOGA with djDamaru streaming for you LIVE on right now

Blast From The Past With DJ Daniel on's OpenMic - 2021/09/28

Artists featured:

Lothar And The Hand People
Silver Apples
The Blues Magoos
The Animals
Question Mark And The Mysterians
Country Joe & The Fish
The Fugs
The Youngbloods

DON'T FORGET TO TRY STREAMING ON anonradio's OPENMIC later! For instructions go to:

Life shrinks or expands according to one’s courage. - Anaïs Nin

learning the grid 

Playing music on the grid is quite different than on the keyboard, but in a sense it's a lot more visual than the keyboard. On thing I realized is that I have to stay in chromatic mode, with the same layout in order to be able to reference

"The stream regularly crashed on the source feed on Microsoft's website, given how much interest there was in the release of the new Windows operating system" nice way to save how lame Microsoft is not able to sustain an online feed in 2021

Window 11 - modern, fresh, clean... like the guy presenting it???

80% of my last order marked Undeliverable - called support - issued a refund. Asked if I should order back from there, they say probably not, but they will investigate. Asked if I'll get an update on it, no, it's an internal investigation. Gave me 10$ refund on my next purchase.

let's add 3 new animals and 2 new block - and make sure the game is gets really unstable.

Today I:
Took a nap in my hamac on the beach
Dried magic mushroom in the sun
Tool a nap in my hamac in my room
Played some tablas
Recorded the sound of the waves
Took a video of the sun in the leaves
Took a bath
Cooked for my wife
Life is a therapy

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