Just curious how many people are still masking up because of covid. Where I am at I very seldom see anyone with a mask on. When I do see someone masked up in our community it is usually an elderly person.

PS- I was also just curious how the poll feature worked and how many people would actually respond to a poll here.

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Since I couldn't respond to my own poll, I will answer here...

When masks were mandatory, I worked for a public utility and was deemed "essential" I always masked in public. Now that masks are not mandatory and I am retired I never mask in public. I have had covid and expect my immune system to react appropriately to any future exposures.


In most indoor situations ― church, post office, stores ― I have an N95 on. Not restaurants, because what's the point?

@publius @gcm3 I don't go to restaurants, mostly. When out with the kids for an early for coffee (a milkshake for the boys), we go to places where we can sit outside.

Which is basically why I stopped using masks. If I go indoors, there's no people around. If is not the case, I always have a mask with me and I'll put it on.

Here you can see little masks around, and mostly eldery (as you said).

With vaccination people get ill but don't die. So that's it.

@publius @gcm3 Besides, it is difficult to get hold of tests, really. We got 4 last week after a month looking around and there was never stock. So if people get clear symptoms, that's it; but unless we have been very unlucky and everybody has tests at home, I don't think people get tested. And it keeps spreading.

And this is with super nice weather, when Autumn (and the Winter) come, we'll see!

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