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@adw I use stable on any of my servers or stuff I have to have be stable. Nothing wrong with running stable no matter how much the people running like to convince people at times.

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@adw I've personally It's like watching always enjoyed Debian a lot since I started using it years ago, granted I run Sid on my laptop though.

While I'm thinking of it, I'm still playing around in CDE off and on, but I've ended up spending most of my time in XFCE not because I don't like CDE but because it is giving me problems with some of my games. Which sucks as I would love to use it full time. I should really shoot and email to the devs about it and see what's up.

@SDF For some reason our local instance just ran me through the little tutorial message again 😆

Been using CDE of all things as my DE. So far it's been pretty smooth sailing other than some of my games don't seem to get along very well with it.

@verius Wow I thought that style of clock was totally dead.

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Someone leaked an .mbox file of the FreeBSD Code of Conduct discussion.

One interesting -- totally unrelated to #HugGate -- takeaway:

A *lot* of key FreeBSD people don't actually use FreeBSD. They email from MacOS X and Apple Mail.

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@BryanLunduke Loved the last show Bryan. You are my favorite boat rocker. Unconsenting fist bumps your way. I got your 6 bro.


Sad to hear so many people have given you BS over just bringing facts to their attention.

One thing though in my experience Code of Conduct enforcement within FreeBSD has always seemed hit and miss.

@failtime IDk at this point I use offline mode so much on Steam that my recorded hours are waaaayyy off from what I've actually played. I just here recently hit the 24H mark on Borderlands 2, my actual play time is over 2 days worth just on my gunzerker alone.

Ah great SVN is screwing up for me on Debian Sid.

Oh It's for the Intel iPSC platform just as an FYI.

Well the museum just got back a hold of me, it's a dollar per page. Now I wonder if any one is willing to help pitch in. 😀

@xmanmonk Oh hey I forgot to mention I have started a GitHub project to try and collect what little info there is out there on it.

As you can see not a whole lot has been found yet.

@xmanmonk Yeah, that had to suck. I actually got started down this rabbit hole because some one who used to Admin one for a research team was looking for the Simulator code on R/Emulation of all places. that brought to my attention how little is actually documented on these machines. To add insult to injury from what I've seen even the few Museums that have actual machines seem to not have all the documentation. I await a response from the museum.

Well the Computer History Museum has some of the documentation for the iPSC platform but they do seem to be missing some of it at least I'm making some progress again. Why did such a obscure platform have to grab my eye. Finding anything on this line of machines has been frustrating to say the least.

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