Just got done setting up a printer for some one, the computer definitely needs some work as it took nearly 2 hours to get it done after it was all said and done. Plus the poor machines is running Vista with only a single Gigabyte of RAM.

@art Lucky you I had to re enable my extensions. Hope Mozilla gets it sorted soon though.

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I know people have already tooted this out probably some where on Mastodon but Dwarf Fortress is seeing a release on Steam and Itch for 20$ (US) from what I heard on the Discord chat. Steam link down below for those that want to wish-list it.


@nitroflow You are never on the Glorious Mastodon, you should fix that😉

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Today I pick up the banner for from the printer. It's gonna be a 8ft x 3ft. Unlike the one we've had for the last few years this one is COLOR!

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the SDF spawn pack is back! a great way to have your lil’ sdfer show their support for SDF sdf.org/store/?3;sdf43 we design and make our own badges - all items are stocked not cafe press or paytreon or teespring et cetera

I would love to get my hands on a Talos II, I just would really like to see how quick on could compile the Linux kernel.

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It's a short coffee break style SHMUP he's working on. It looks good can't wait for the release. Plus to the other Linux users out there it's going to fully support Linux. 😀

So any one from SDF or those following me don't be surprised when you see some posts about an upcoming Indie game. I know the dev and want to help spread the word as far and wide as I can given that he does Open Source games 😃

@nitroflow I some how never managed to get the hang of Twitter. I think it was mostly the character count limit. Hell I would probably already be out on there 😊

@nitroflow I think the client is not liking my connection speeds is the problem.

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just finished the PCB layout for a new #Osmocom open source hardware project: osmo-clock-gen: osmocom.org/projects/osmo-cloc which I will be using to derive reference clocks for various SDRs from my 10MHz GPS-DO.

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