I would love to get my hands on a Talos II, I just would really like to see how quick on could compile the Linux kernel.

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It's a short coffee break style SHMUP he's working on. It looks good can't wait for the release. Plus to the other Linux users out there it's going to fully support Linux. 😀

So any one from SDF or those following me don't be surprised when you see some posts about an upcoming Indie game. I know the dev and want to help spread the word as far and wide as I can given that he does Open Source games 😃

@nitroflow I some how never managed to get the hang of Twitter. I think it was mostly the character count limit. Hell I would probably already be out on there 😊

@nitroflow I think the client is not liking my connection speeds is the problem.

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just finished the PCB layout for a new #Osmocom open source hardware project: osmo-clock-gen: osmocom.org/projects/osmo-cloc which I will be using to derive reference clocks for various SDRs from my 10MHz GPS-DO.

Yeah this sucks, Tootle is messing up sadly. I might just not like my slow internet I'm using at home.

Then on top of that that last toot showed right up on the desktop client I've installed. This is odd to say the least.

Well I installed a desktop Mastodon client but it's not wanting to toot out for some reason 🤔

@adw I use stable on any of my servers or stuff I have to have be stable. Nothing wrong with running stable no matter how much the people running like to convince people at times.

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@adw I've personally It's like watching always enjoyed Debian a lot since I started using it years ago, granted I run Sid on my laptop though.

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Decided to bump the desktop up to even though the package freeze is still a few weeks away.

The upgrade went flawlessly I'm happy to say.

Live major version upgrades are one of the features that keep me using Debian. That machine's down time during the whole process was < 15 seconds. Literally the time it took me to reboot.

I performed a major version upgrade to my wife's Mac. It was unusable for > 3 hours

While I'm thinking of it, I'm still playing around in CDE off and on, but I've ended up spending most of my time in XFCE not because I don't like CDE but because it is giving me problems with some of my games. Which sucks as I would love to use it full time. I should really shoot and email to the devs about it and see what's up.

@SDF For some reason our local instance just ran me through the little tutorial message again 😆

Been using CDE of all things as my DE. So far it's been pretty smooth sailing other than some of my games don't seem to get along very well with it.

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