@bcallah You don't actually say what type of window you are going through.. I found a window feed through diamondantenna.net/mgc50.html . Which is some flat transmission line which will fit in s 3mm gap. Most windows have that much slack in them somewhere. A cheaper version for HF is two SO239's with the centres and grounds joined by hookup wire. The length of this dodgy transmission line wasn't enough to damage the antenna performance, you do need to keep an eye on separation and power levels...

Neither thick nor sick :-) A UPS may have an internal bypass switch but that's no damn use if you have to replace the whole unit... Trouble is ( depending on the size of the unit) customers don't like the additional cost of additional switchgear to wrap around the UPS to fully bypass it to be worked on :-( The downtime they said they would tolerate disappears when the unit fails as well....

@w8emv @sp6mr @M0YNG That's what they say now. But when Feditalk was assigned a number the issuing rules were different and all you had to do was find an unused talkgroup and establish use.

@sp6mr @M0YNG The UK Brandmeister Admins are not following the Global BM procedures so even though the TG was 'named' they are just trying to start from new. Notable I don't think all Repeater or Gateway keepers are on the Telegram group.

@M0YNG The changes have been concocted on a Telegram group where 'UK Admins' gather. There is a bit in the PDF that encourages change to the new groiups but not mandatory yet. I suggest that if you want to keep it then advertise the group somewhere on the web and hopefully get some activity.

@M0YNG Have you seen the changes being made to UK Brandmeister talkgroups at hamradio.joomla.com/images//Re ? Looks like the TG is at risk unless some sustained usage is proven to make people look at using other TGs.

@F1RUM There are still BBS on Pactor like theskywaves.net/pactor.html . There are also PACTOR BBS operating just for traffic handlinglike nts-digital.net/mw/index.php/U

@F1RUM Did you have RSID enabled to help applications switch to the correct mode?

@pandabo @M0YNG It adds to the data choices. If good Signal to noise radio use MT63, if between 0 and -10dB use Olivia between -10 and -20 we now have JS8call. It is just bad that we have had to do this as QRN increases.

@M0YNG @conor Yeah, saw Conor's current limitations :-( I'm down on 80 today because I'm getting disruption to my VDSL from 40m transmissions, even down at 30W :-( On 80m I'm usually sure of getting some kinda path to Surrey RATNET though so I know things are working.

@conor @M0YNG Some of the JS8call 'promoters' on this side of the pond have commented on the lack of 20m activity. Sadly over here it seems 80/40m are the places to be.

@m0puh @M0YNG Is's just a shame conditions are horrible this week :-( 80m JS8call suffers from absorbtion by day. My range yesterday on 40m was Europe but not UK as expected. Sitting on 3.578 again today while I'm working 'day job'.

@pandabo @M0YNG Yes, three operators for each of the three main modes, voice/CW and data. But.... how many data modes do we have to cover now :-( Things have moved on and JS8call seems to work well, just slowly.

@M0YNG @F1RUM It does work, and MT63 was used by some Emergency Comms groups in the USA just by holding the microphone close to the laptop. But the problem is who else could you work? I have also heard SSTV over FM repeaters and it just confused and annoyed the regular users :-(

@wiktor @mm0ror @alrs Hmmm, I used to have one key with multiple email addresses, not all the domains are under my technical control. Guess I need to stop some of my bad habits ...

@mm0ror @alrs That's interesting, though I would miss the ability to look up all my historic and revoked keys on the keyservers to see how key length has grown over the years :-)

Rasbian image, the only issue I have had was relating to an SD card that slowed down on read/write speeds. The issue presented as a jittery waterfall display after a few months of operation. A new card sorted it but longer term I'm wondering about using eMMC and a sd card adaptor to improve the lifespan.

@M0YNG I run wsjtz, fldigi and js8call with no issues on a Pi 3 and have VNCed to the Pi. Normally though I use the 7" screen and a keyboard. The Pi also had enough power to run the Signalink too 🙂

Conditions seemed good last night. Heard Canada for the first time over my high local QRN

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