@jaquesviljoen I like it because it is a way of uploading my logs to LOTW but I found it difficult to run on a Pi in a way I could trust so I also use yfklog and paper. A lot of my operation in nets and I haven't found a log that allows multiple open QSOs at a time easily.

@W8HF @F1RUM Except the contest clashes with the G-QRP Convention and a radio rally in my area. Looks like I will be waiting for the Marconi contest in November to try 2m CW instead :-(

@W8HF @F1RUM Well I just searched eBay and found some IC-202 or new MFJ transceivers but at those prices SDR could be the way to go - unless you want portability.
Jean-Pierre - have you tried listening for CW beacons and are you using a horizontal antenna to test out your SSB receiver?

@F1RUM Unless you think of second hand equipment I don't think so. There are very few single band multimode transceivers. swling.com/blog/radio-marketpl looks like a good list of what has been produced but what you are looking for probably requires looking for older equipment.

@DL6MHC Agreed on the pen and paper, I like my logbook to be neat and tidy ( usually fails ) so take notes from the QSO on a pad, then transfer to the logbook. I could do this into an electronic log instead but they are not as searchable as I would like sometimes.

@DL6MHC I log every manual QSO, mostly on paper but if it is a contest or for Dx also in yfklog so I have an electronic file for submission. I long the times I am operating JS8call and FT8 but any logging there is in the specific software. I also log failed attempts for my PACTOR skeds with DB0NTS because it helps me identify changing propagation.

Well I was watching :-) I didn't use the live Q&A function as the first presentation I attended got messy when someone was replaying the presentation audio into the Zoom room but I don't think attendance in zoom was fully representative of the total viewers...

@m0ofx Well for channels like there does seem to have been quite a few users moved over. On my local makerspace IRC channel though, numbers are down by 60% but the ones back definitely look to be idling.

@m0ofx It's just a shame that everyone has lost. The total number of users is waaay down on before and some of the lighter utilised channels may just not come back :-(

@elita Play what you enjoy :-) My tastes have ranged from Art of Noise to Wintergatan and lots in between. The diversity is what I like about Anonradio :-)

@sp6mr @SM0RVV I managed one time using a mobile half wave whip antenna on my hand held radio but it was hard to get digipeated when the system is so heavily used over Europe.

@elita Nice to hear you back, but like most of Anonradio I have to listen from the archives because of Time Zone differences so I'm a hidden listener 😠

@ly2en because the signal to noise level is better here? I'm probably monitoring Mastodon more now that I am working from home and can keep a web page open. When I have to go back to an office and only get 40 toots at a time through the Fedilab app it may be different.

@oh8hub @k4ndz I know and that's what we used for the IARU Region 1 emergency comms exercise last month but to cover the region fully, 20m was needed but I only saw a few North American stations.

@M0YNG @n0btc What size is the battery in the system? I will admit I haven't done the maths but that demand looks a bit high when compared to this video a couple of days ago from ExplainingComputers. youtu.be/lPyDtuzYE5s

@floppy Dadamail is what I use and ( other than the cron requirement ) ticks your boxes I think. dadamailproject.com/

@F1RUM @es0mhi Yes, I tried something similar. I could not get the 1707 when I wanted one but found you could reconfigure the 1708 to do the same job :-) I did not use the cable to control switching and the RF sensing was not quick enough to cope with PACTOR so I can't use it for my normal operation. It may be a solution for SSB and slower data modes though.

@F1RUM @es0mhi In some locations it is absolutely right to use separate antennas for Tx and Rx. I would not worry too much about the ATU for receive though. Question is whether your radio can handle split Tx/Rx antennas fast enough to cope with some digimodes.

@es0mhi @F1RUM I did not mention the noise reduction possibility of the loop because for me that is no longer the case :-( I switched from 'open' antennas years ago to a large horizontal loop which did reduce the noise a lot and gave good transmit efficiency. High noise levels now mean I am looking to take the loop down and put a smaller antenna up which will actually capture less noise 😠

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