Thanks, now I know it can be done I will have another try :-)

@notptr Are you using Direwolf as the modem? I tried getting that working on HF but failed and didn't get back to it :-(

@F1RUM@mastodon.radio @ndz@noagendasocial.com Jean-Pierre, as far as I know Winlink does not have a license, it is only the use of the VARA modem that has a license fee. But I agree that the open source solutions are more accessible. PSKmail which was a European based system. not limited by the US licence conditions was good and is being maintained again now. FR-EMCOM also support JS8call operations.

@ndz@noagendasocial.com Yup, not disputing the unique abilities of JS8call or I wouldn't have run an international emergency comms exercise with it :-) What worries me is that many people see Winlink as a mode when it just piggy-backs on AX25 or PACTOR which can deliver similar functionality, just differently.

@ndz@noagendasocial.com You could however say the same for APRS as you have recorded for JS8call?

@ndz@noagendasocial.com OK, the combination of SSB and JS8call should give some very useful ranges, thanks for the clarification 🙂

@ndz@noagendasocial.com Just clarifying, you mean JS8call on 2mSSB? What do you see as the advantage over AX25 on FM?

@KC1PYT@mastodon.radio To get a message out of Winlink into NTS it will needs to be sent through a target/relay station to break out of WL2K into NTSD. I think the list at nts-digital.net/mw/index.php/T is correct.

@KC1PYT@mastodon.radio A more internatonal view is that we had CW as an option in GlobalSETs some years ago and our weekly RAYNET HF net has a non-voice option once a month but people prefer keyboard modes for that. There is more interest in countries like France in CW operations for emergencies.
In the UK ( again with a HF focus ) we use Olivia 16/500 and JS8call. Both can carry plain text record traffic and at lower SNR values than PACTOR/WINLINK.

@dl5psy@mastodon.radio Is it a linear or switched mode PSU?

@F1RUM@mastodon.radio Well I have been getting my KiwiSDR available on the web again and trying to reduce the noise levels. It's at kiwisdr.g0dub.uk:8073 but does get affected when I am running any other HF for obvious reasons :-(

@ad6dm@mastodon.radio Anything on these web pages that may help? nts-digital.net/mw/index.php/B . BPQ is likely to be my way forward as I need to link NTSD and WL2K . Airmail under Wine means I have to use my laptop for connections byt BPQ will run on a PI.

@vu3rdd@mastodon.radio You have just reminded me that Chuck also made his code course available through FISTS but there is no indication on their sales page what version it is :-(

@vu3rdd@mastodon.radio archive.org seems to show the last copy of his site in 2016, at least some content is still available.

@jaquesviljoen@mastodon.radio I like it because it is a way of uploading my logs to LOTW but I found it difficult to run on a Pi in a way I could trust so I also use yfklog and paper. A lot of my operation in nets and I haven't found a log that allows multiple open QSOs at a time easily.

@W8HF@mastodon.radio @F1RUM@mastodon.radio Except the contest clashes with the G-QRP Convention and a radio rally in my area. Looks like I will be waiting for the Marconi contest in November to try 2m CW instead :-(

@W8HF@mastodon.radio @F1RUM@mastodon.radio Well I just searched eBay and found some IC-202 or new MFJ transceivers but at those prices SDR could be the way to go - unless you want portability.
Jean-Pierre - have you tried listening for CW beacons and are you using a horizontal antenna to test out your SSB receiver?

@F1RUM@mastodon.radio Unless you think of second hand equipment I don't think so. There are very few single band multimode transceivers. swling.com/blog/radio-marketpl looks like a good list of what has been produced but what you are looking for probably requires looking for older equipment.

@DL6MHC@mastodon.radio Agreed on the pen and paper, I like my logbook to be neat and tidy ( usually fails ) so take notes from the QSO on a pad, then transfer to the logbook. I could do this into an electronic log instead but they are not as searchable as I would like sometimes.

@DL6MHC@mastodon.radio I log every manual QSO, mostly on paper but if it is a contest or for Dx also in yfklog so I have an electronic file for submission. I long the times I am operating JS8call and FT8 but any logging there is in the specific software. I also log failed attempts for my PACTOR skeds with DB0NTS because it helps me identify changing propagation.

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