@M0YNG Have you seen the changes being made to UK Brandmeister talkgroups at ? Looks like the TG is at risk unless some sustained usage is proven to make people look at using other TGs.

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@g0dub I had not, thanks for the pointer.

Feditalk was never intended to be a UK talkgroup, I didn't ask for it to be and wasn't offered an option either.

Not sure what to do next with this info!

@M0YNG @g0dub Isn't Feditalk just a named TG at this point anyway? I have to admit that the Brandmeister's architecture isn't as nicely documented as I'd wish, so there is a lot of guessing on my part.

@sp6mr @M0YNG The UK Brandmeister Admins are not following the Global BM procedures so even though the TG was 'named' they are just trying to start from new. Notable I don't think all Repeater or Gateway keepers are on the Telegram group.

@sp6mr @M0YNG @g0dub

From my reading of this

Option 1
Club/Group Applies for a DMR ID in the normal way.
It is 100% down to them if they issue your Club/Group with a ID number.
When you get your ID number, you use that as the Club/Group Talk Group.


There might need to be a tiny bit of formal structure around having a "club".

@w8emv @sp6mr @M0YNG That's what they say now. But when Feditalk was assigned a number the issuing rules were different and all you had to do was find an unused talkgroup and establish use.

@M0YNG The changes have been concocted on a Telegram group where 'UK Admins' gather. There is a bit in the PDF that encourages change to the new groiups but not mandatory yet. I suggest that if you want to keep it then advertise the group somewhere on the web and hopefully get some activity.

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