Another question... Does anyone have experience with the TNC-Pi?

Looks interesting... Not sure if it's worth the shipping.


I have got two :-) reasonable sensitive. You do just need to make sure you are using the appropriate instructions for the Pi you are trying to use since the Pi3 changed its approach to UART usage. One is on the back of my radio Pi and will use xastir for aprs. I am still trying to get to grips with BPQ though :-( What I really want is Amprnet working...

@g0dub I'd like to try and get a bbs working 😁

Tempted to try and organise a group build with my club, so I have someone to talk to!

I have just remembered a 'feature' though :-( When powered up it does put a constant tone out on Tx. That's fine on a radio dedicated to data but when I keep forgetting to unplug the mini-DIN from the radio whilst doing a VHF net it does cause the others some annoyance :-)

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