Is there any way to communicate with sdf or sdf-eu people? I have an account g0cer, an amateur radio account which I can't access, it's been years now, I made a donation some years ago but cannot fid a way to communicate with someone. Any ideas Dave

managed 16 contacts in WAE before my radio poo-ed it. Need to re-flow the eeprom.

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Thanks for the Radio Garden link... too many stations to explore .. not enough hours in the day, night, week, month, year, life!

ok I meant 'did anyone do' .. I noticed the time past midnight

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Anyone doing WAE RTTY at the moment - my FT897D eeprom chip showed up a dry-joint so sadly missing the contest.

Hoping to get my account back - i can't sign in and can't get a new password and it tells me the account already exists. Anyone know someone who can help :)

Hello Just landed looking for amateur radio people :) Dave G0CER

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