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Twitter admits email address and phone number given for security purposes was used for targeted ads

Greta Thunberg als Keynote-Speakerin für den #36C3?

D&D lets you live out all kinds of fantasies, such as:
-Having everyone call you by your preferred name and gender
-Having a big group of friends who do everything together
-Making a reasonable wage as a freelancer
-Being able to murder the terrible leadership of your country
-Getting 8 hours of sleep

What do y'all think of the franchise? I think the PC game simply titled 'Battletech' looks cool, I want it and would love to play it.

I’ve been out of work since March and my youngest sister is having her wedding at the end of October. It’s in Texas and traveling there from Oregon is a big feat especially with my disabled partner. So I’m raising money to go see her. We need about $1500 to comfortably make the trip. Boosts and donations are all equally appreciated! (Going to be posting this for a while)

I should probably explain that hashtag, #foak. Back in the Usenet days (I know, I’m old), we used “FOAK” in subject lines to designate a fact-based question we were looking for an answer to. The idea was that Usenet contained so many knowledgeable people that we were collectively the Font Of All Knowledge.

I’d love it if that caught on as a hashtag here; I’d really enjoy following the tag and seeing if I could answer any of the questions.

#meta #mastodon

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To go with the c64 I'm giving my uncle, I am including my old SD2IEC, which I will replace with a pi1541.

In addition to that, though, u want to include a couple of games on cartridge.

What are your favorite NTSC C64 games, in general, and on cartridges specifically?

The real draw of retrocomputing 

Today I'm: Learning more and the PF , and and gonna study some more stuff!

can we all, as a culture, please forget that skype exists

@brennen OSes should be rated against absolute bottom-shelf, decade-old tech, and it's fucking absurd to me that they're just these atrocious resource-hogs and there's nothing we can seriously do about it

🚨🚨The Pro-Vax pin is being rereleased y'all! 🚨🚨

See below for a picture of the original version; the rerelease appears to have silver accents rather than gold, but looks otherwise identical.

Additionally, sales of this version will benefit the Immunization Action Coalition, a vaccine education non-profit. 😊

Upcoming Asuka release will be able to open web/gopher links or any kind of file really (provided a given mime type has an application associated with it on your system).

Notice those beautiful colored links to identify their protocol 😍

So I bought a baofeng cuz I heard that ham radios are important in emergencies. I guess I might as well study to be a ham now too?

"The reason why so many grown ass men hate Greta Thunberg is because she represents everything they hate listening to; women, children, people with disabilities, science, and just people who are smarter than them in general"

(the author of this was harassed off twitter so let this stand here)

i invite you open #minetest :minetest: instead of #minecraft :minecraft: today, and explore great servers in the built-in serverlist of the client

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