Milo Y just got deplatformed at a furry convention, and I figured this would be the appropriate venue to pass my thanks to the furry community

Old Addams Family on in the background as I fold laundry.

Gomez: "You'll have to challenge him to a duel."

Fester: "I'd rather shoot him in the back."

As a pale bald guy who wears a lot of black: I'm proud of my people.

Sexual harassment was wrong in the 50s. It was wrong in the 80s. It is wrong today.

There is no statute of limitations on social interactions.

The Internet is helping people come together to claim their power and hold those *in* power accountable.

I hope that this is only the beginning.

And I hope that racism gets the same treatment.

Just re-upping this offer: because being comfortable with git is a barrier to entry to many FS/OSS projects, and because I care deeply about lowering those barriers, I will tutor anyone who asks for help with git, and/or connect them with any mentor(s) they might prefer.

I'll do this while I put energy and work into making the tool more approachable, and into making better tools and learning paths.

Boosts gratefully appreciated.


Stallman, FSF, MIT, Epstein, Minsky 

It is such an individualistic approach to learning. The belief that we can learn without interacting with other people directly. That deliberating with people, debating, sharing knowledge, and being asked questions you never would have thought have can be supplemented by a screen is depressing as hell and shows how we devalue educators

10 years ago I started using ad blockers because I thought ads were annoying. Now I think that's the _least_ important reason to use them.

I think we should call them "browser firewalls." That more accurately describes their purpose.

“the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) will leave the Universal Postal Union (UPU) on October 17, ending 144 years of U.S. involvement”

tl;dr if you’re not a giant corporation, sendings stuff internationally will get prohibitively expensive and small businesses will falter

Today, since I'm going to an #IWW meeting, I'm wearing my favorite shirt I've ever designed! I made it for Wobblies who were involved at Occupy.

It's a cutesy sabo-tabby (the IWW cat), next to an acrostic of #ACAB, which spells out "All Cats Are Beautiful."

Those in the know might know that's not what ACAB always means - sometimes it means All Cops Are Bad.

A cool nuance toward this other spelling-out is that a cat is a worker who's damn good at their work and likes it. So yea, ACAB!

I wrote about how we, F/LOSS lovers, need to drop toxic 'heroes' and need to either reform or move on from organizations that WON'T help

if you ever needed a bigger reason to quit Windows and Microsoft products in general, they do business with ICE.

This is the PineTime. A companion for your Linux smartphone, and new side-project of ours. More news coming in the future...

(If you have experience with FreeRTOS or mbed, and are interested, please get in touch!)

reminder to cis people that it's okay to change your name if you hate it or even just mildly dislike it

anyone who gives any person shit over changing their name needs to just.. Not Do That Ever

Telling racists to fuck off in the fb comments on a wheel of time cast photo lmao

If you think the casting is bad (or “incorrect” or “doesn’t match your imagination”), chances are you’re a racist

Sorry not sorry, I don’t make the rules

Fuck off, racists!

Its suddenly occurred to me how ive been tripping over backwards for years to try and always call linux by stallman's preferred gnu/linux monicker but he wont use 'they' as someone's preferred pronoun.

That's fucked up when you think about it.

Mastodon &

Since the middle of last year I've had a Mastodon instance at I didn't feel I should make it open to anyone else until I put together a Code of Conduct, but today I finally pieced one together. is a Mastodon instance open to communists, socialists, anarchists and fellow travelers.

#anarchism #Communism #fediverse #Mastodon #socialism

Vintage Computer Festival this weekend

Mentioning it here because it's timely: the Vintage Computer Festival Midwest is happening this weekend, and if I wait until the normal day I would post this - Sunday in Lazy Reading - it will be too late.  Go if you are anywhere near.  (Credit goes to joshua stein on the ChiBUG mailing list - don't forget their meeting next Tuesday.)

Passing thought: nobody ever says “look at this thing Facebooker Susan Smith posted” or “check out what Twitterer Skinky Dumpawps posted”, but I constantly see “look at Redditor Throwaway477864’s insightful discussion” or “watch what Youtuber Spafford Spiderton has to say”. What makes a site wrap up it’s users’ identities that way, and is it a thing that should be generally cultivated or avoided?

“The phrase ‘robots are taking our jobs’ gives technology agency it doesn’t (yet?) possess, whereas ‘capitalists are making targeted investments in robots designed to weaken and replace human workers so they can get even richer’ is less catchy but more accurate.” This is a good read.

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