Going to do some write-ups tonight for some some BBSes. Still a long way to go, and I'm still just on the 'A's!

I hope by doing this I can expose the wider world to BBSes once again and help Sysops to grow their communities(If they want it grown, that is).

I think BBSes are still a valid form of community. We should embrace them again. Tildes, BBSes, IRC, Matrix, Tox etc should pave the way towards a new future.

@fuuko this thing we're in right here reminds me so much of the 80s/90s BBS community all the time, with Fido-style message networks made up of lots of little community presences throwing their thoughts into a big federated pool.


I completely agree, although I suppose BBSes were more isolated by local geographic region, whereas the fediverse concerns topics of interest.

I still think BBSes are worth it due to the fact that the communities, now mostly reachable by Telnet and SSH, can create a closed-knit community, which can invaluable for people who have a hard time with their thoughts going out to everyone. Some people just want to create a tight circle in a club.

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