So, I recently decided to go through every on the Telnet BBS Guide site list.

My plan is to see which ones are still up and which ones aren't. Also document the BBSes themselves - as in, what games they run, if there's a community, what software you can download and if you can speak to the admin and lots of other things!

I would like to interview every admin I can, whether over IRC, email or whatever.

If you know where I can find more BBSes, or you run one, just reply to this msg!

@fuuko really keen to see this, as I'm re-writing some wifi modem firmware for the #C64 right now, and want to pre-populate the speed dial list with cool stuff.

@mike That sounds awesome. I'm always eager to hear about others getting stuff like the onto networking nowadays or what-have-you.

@fuuko the core of my project comes from this: it's a great and affordable way to get a C64 online.

I'm forking off and rewriting the firmware just for the fun of it though. I'm learning how to design PCBs along the way, just to make an entire device from start to finish. Never done anything like it before, it's fun. :awesome:

@mike I wish I knew hardware! It sounds like it's going to be an adventure! Keep me updated!

@fuuko hardware is a lot more accessible than I ever thought.

Posted abot that previously:

The linked article in that is fantastic reading.

@mike I'll give that article a read! Thanks for sharing!

@fuuko I know two ppl who run Telnet BBS's so when I find the BBS details I'll pass them on. Dunno if either are on anything other than Farcebook or email tho.

@fuuko FWIW: I've poked them and afaik both sites are in the Telnet BBS website list somewhere. Not sure if they're both online at the moment (one of them has had recent crashing problems, but that might be fixed now).


Bryan Lunduke has one listed on his site,

@fuuko I use toaintain and post to Usenet a list of Atari related bbses search Usenet archives

@fuuko @RussSharek first rule of telnet bbs club, don't talk about telnet bbs club.


Fair enough. My telnet knuckle tattoo design wasn't coming together anyway.


@RussSharek @fuuko no joke, I'm on a telnet BBS I've been on since the late 90s. The community is tiny but persistent. Some people there would like to advertise or recruit or otherwise get more people involved, me, I'm like "it took us 20 years to shake out all the abusive assholes, I like 95% of the people here now, why put that at risk by bringing in unknown quantities???" this is probably an extremely short-sighted and counterproductive attitude but it's how I've felt

@edheil @fuuko @RussSharek does anyone from the 2.0 generation ever join telnet BBS’s?
@edheil @RussSharek @fuuko Born after ~95 so Web 2.0 SNS & places like reddit, tumblr etc had become standard hangouts by the time they became net of-age (14ish)

@edheil @RussSharek

I understand. I still want to do this, but I won't publish anything related to your BBS. Just DM me the name of it so I can overlook it. I really don't want to disturb your peace!

@fuuko @RussSharek ah, it's OK. it wouldn't be right for me to let my grumpiness get in the way of other people's desire for new blood. It's ISCA BBS. I'm sure it's already on whatever list you're compiling, it was kind of a big deal back in the day.

@fuuko @RussSharek warning though it is full of old grumpy people (average user age probably 40+) like myself. I will plead the fifth on my username there :)


I'd love to be a part of a community like that. I've found some of that feeling in the fediverse.

As to the idea of curating users on a private system, it really is no different than choosing who comes to your parties.


@RussSharek @fuuko honestly there are 20 year old hatreds and resentments there too. Some people there drive me crazy. I've quit fora rather than deal with them. Even *within the BBS* there is a private room (one can get in by asking to but most have forgotten it exists) and I'm happy with *it* because there are assholes in the larger BBS that I like being able to avoid... the community/interpersonal issues are fractal.

@RussSharek @fuuko you're 100% right abt the fediverse having some of that feeling

@edheil @RussSharek
I said I wouldn't, so no worries. It's important that people want to shed light on these wonderful communities, but not at a human cost. If it disturbs the peace of those communities and robs them of their privacy, even if it's the peace of one person, I think it's better to respect it.

That's my opinion, and as far as getting to your BBS, I was still a long ways off haha.

@fuuko @RussSharek that is really cool of you. :) good luck with your work!

@fuuko is my telnet bbs.. think I've mentioned it before :)
Only recently reopened so it needs some work but is online :D

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