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My own (Gotta abuse hashtags at least once in my life)

Graduated with a associates of science in computer

Love , , , , , , and

Would consider myself to the , I would say like a -universalist politics-wise


Looking for more in my everyday !

Good afternoon , ! The mini looks fun! And it comes with all my favorite games!

Good morning , ! So I’m back at my family’s place. They have a win xp machine that’s agonizingly slow. I would like to replace with a fast and cheap Linux machine. I mean, this thing has 512 mb of ram and like 20 gb or less of hd space. Dunno of any good Linux machines that are cheap tho...

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I'm switching laptops, and I didn't copy over all Firefox add-ons and configs from the old laptop.

As a result, this morning I've been browsing the Internet without an ad-blocker.

It's a horrific experience. So much noise. Visual and auditory noise. Newspaper articles are filled with ad boxes. Videos that auto-play to get me to buy things I don't want. Ugh.

uBlock Origin to the rescue, and things are better.

(Don't tell me ad blockers are immoral. I pay for the newspaper.)

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actually the thing about mastodon that keeps hitting me is that it's a return to the governance model of the internet of the 90s, which is the "local dictator", with a single admin or a small mod team who are the sole owners and operators of a site. and like, oh right, anybody who's only used, say, twitter and facebook and youtube and tumblr and myspace and so forth and so on would have had absolutely no exposure to, because all major social media platforms online for the past ten years or so have been huge corporate monoliths (or wannabe huge corporate monoliths). getting mad at brad on livejournal was a very different thing than getting mad at jack on twitter or david karp on tumblr, because lj was brad's site in a way that was very different from jack being CEO of twitter

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people on Twitter: GDPR is bad for users
people on the fediverse: we should have this auto-unsubscribe event more often

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Remember when we trusted software? When people said things like "don't install things from that site, they're probably viruses" and "I won't use software from them anymore, they put in ads and broke my trust."
Now it's all "install this app, it's absolutely spyware and adware and was written by some techbro in a basement motivated by nothing but quick money, but your phone's sandboxing should protect you from having your phone taken over or personal information stolen"

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As a reminder, both the Touhou Wiki and Doom Wiki moved off of Wikia a long time ago and Wikia stepped in to revive the Wikias with new admins and added aggressive SEO to them to combat them trying to leave

Don't support Wikia

^ This Lazy Game Reviews thrifts episode is great. He finds a junk shop and it has just tons of awesome stuff. If you're into retro hardware, give him a watch!

It really sucks in regards to what's happening to all the old and arcade machines. I'm glad stuff like exists, but I hope even more people take it upon themselves to keep arcade history alive somehow. I was born in the early 80's, so I remember mostly 90's arcade games. To me, my favorite arcade memory will always be seeing Street Fighter 2 for the first time and having such a blast playing it...

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I just cleared out and uninstalled #dropbox after something like nine years of daily use.

Feels like the technological equivalent to a tectonic shift.


I wrote a review for a game for the Nintendo Switch! You can check it out here: lib.reviews/review/e13b5334-a2

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IT-tinkering is only possible with Free Software, that's why FSFE is going to be present with an information and merchandise booth on the Maker Fair Berlin from 25.05.2018 till 27.05.2018. On Friday 25 May, Maker Fair is open for school classes and their teachers, free of charge. Maker Fair is a come-together of makers and visitors interested in various DIY-ideas. At FSFE’s booth, visitors can inform themselves about Raspberry Pi as a computer for standard applications especially suitable for education, about how to ‘free’ Android-Smartphones and about email-encryption. - https://maker-faire.de/berlin/ #event #fsfe #FreeSoftware

I'm still trying to remove myself from all the bad services(Facebook, twitter etc) that I've made myself a part of, computing-wise. I think the real problem is that I don't have a written plan for everything, and I like writing plans lol. I recall some posts back that I would have this all done within 6 months. I think that was back in 2017 too, so it's been longer! Never do anything like this without a plan!

I feel like general education has kinda been squandered the last few decades. It really took off during the Home Computing Revolution, and then started to wane after that. I'm glad that there are initiatives to teach kids how to code and work with hardware like the Raspberry though. I just wish the Raspberry Pi was completely open, cuz last time I read that the GPU was closed source. What are y'alls thoughts on computer education?

Good morning , ! Today I've watched a Retro Man Cave episode and I've got to say, the dude is impressive in his upkeep of retro electronics. He makes me want to make sure I keep my electronics around as long as I possibly can, game systems and computers. I want to anyway, because I hate planned obsolescence! I just have no electronics education when it comes to hardware and also things like soldering and whatnot. I want to learn tho.

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the internet 2x18
1. click link
2. URL shortener on separate server expands URL
3. source site's analytics engine redirects you to a shortened URL
4. second URL shortener on another server expands URL
5. analytics javascript on destination site throws errors, leading to slow load time
6. view disappointing meme
7. goto 1.