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My own (Gotta abuse hashtags at least once in my life)

Graduated with a associates of science in computer

Love , , , , , , and

Would consider myself to the , I would say like a -universalist politics-wise


Looking for more in my everyday !

Good afternoon all, been watching the Quake Grave( youtube.com/channel/UCC0amSjd8 ) review Quake maps to get me more into the original Quake. It's really good!

As for the FPS Day, I'm still working on getting the Quake server running... one would think it would simply be "systemctl start quake-server" on Debian, but I can't seem to connect to it after doing that... and yes, I did put my Quake .PAK files into the correct directory with the correct permissions...

Hi all, regarding the FPS day, I'm going to have to delay it.

I have the Quake server running, but I can't seem to connect to it. Every other game(Doom, OpenArena, Minetest etc) I can connect with, but for Quake I keep getting "connection timed out" or "connection unreachable".

I suppose we could play on someone else's server though until I get it fixed....

Good afternoon all, I'm holding the first FPS day on this Saturday(8/11) at 1 PM EST/6 PM UTC. I plan to continue to host FPS days at exactly the same time.

The games that will be played will be , , 1 and Tournament '99. The server will be tildesparkgames.tk(Except in the case of UT99 probably).

The meeting place to discuss will be on IRC on tilde.chat port 6697 channel .

Please boost this toot to get the word out!

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Fucking pissed at white dudes in free software prioritizing exercising their free speech by showing "look, I can make jokes which affect people not like me" and then being like "free software is a movement for everyone"

Nobody has ever questioned whether *I* belong. But I've tried to bring in plenty of other people who left because they didn't feel welcome.

I believe in free software, I want it to be a movement for everyone. Most of these people would say "I do too".


Sorry, I said wrong. The game server is at tildesparkgames.tk.

Anyways, I'm gonna put up CTF mode for OpenArena since that's my favorite mode, and work on getting mods working for

I keep running into permission issues in Minetest when working with mods, and I don't understand what I'm doing

As far as Doom goes, I would love to have a Odamex server running, but I couldn't seem to get it built,
so I just went with Chocolate Doom.

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making ads and trackers structurally impossible is something that delights me about p2p tech and things like gopher. we can flip the script on corpers and outpace their bought bandwidth with systems made strong by a million hands. (but don't get lost in the hype -- these technologies, their tooling, and their ecosystems have a long way to go)

Wrote a script for the Mastodon toot cli program! It will count how many characters there are in a post, and if it's
over 500, it will refuse to post it. Just some simple bash scripting, but I wanna learn more!

Anyways, I also did some today and surprisingly there was no combat. Still on the hunt for the vampire tho!

And finally, I still have a Minetest, Chocolate Doom and OpenArena server running at tildespark.tk. I'll be scheduling
a FPS day sometime next week!

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You aren't cool until you play Taiko no Tatsujin on a projector you brought to the local microbrewery.

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You can now challenge someone to game of #chess over toots! castling.club/ 💪

It's actually a standalone server in the #fediverse, implementing #activitypub all by itself. 😃

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Chuboh is playing Lands of Lore, get in here!

Watch Trix play the original Ragnarok Online! Get in here:

OK, the servers are up and running! Right now I think the server could only handle 3 games, but so far only 2 are up and running.

OpenArena and Minetest are going right now. Start up either of those games and point them to:


FreeDM(FreeDOOM Deathmatch) coming soon! I'll be upping original Doom, Doom 2 and Final Doom WADs to the server and hopefully get them to rotate!

I might also replace OpenArena with Quake 1, 2 and 3 if the server can handle it!

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Get that Friday feeling with #FollowFriday 🍹

@cryptpad CryptPad: Open source collaborative editing with maximum privacy

@peerpx PeerPx: Still in early development, open federated alternative to photography site #500px

@matrix Matrix: Official account for the open communications standard (as used in Riot, Librem5 etc)

@fsfe FSF Europe: Campaigning for free software

@inogart Irene the pigeon yeller: Art and occasional webcomic

Previous #FF posts:

#FFed #Alternatives

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If we want to have computing freedom, we're going to need computers that are safe and don't lock us out. Having actually well designed architectures (x86 sure ain't it) would be nice too. RISC-V is a beam of hope: riscv.org/

- India is making progress on fabb'ing their own RISC-V chips fossbytes.com/linux-on-shakti-
- FOSDEM video on RISC-V fosdem.org/2018/schedule/event

Got other interesting RISC-V links?

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Installing the new version (v0.35.0) of #FreedomBox on my single-board computer (SBC). Can't wait to use it!

Setting up a new #FreedomBox is easy!
1. Install the software on SD card
2. Insert SD into the SBC
3. Plug it into your router and wait

It sets itself up! #PlugInPrivacy

Share this to spread the word!

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Google Glass was an interesting case because it showed us people do care about privacy, but only when they feel it's violated.

They will give endless data on themselves and others including photos, video and location but they will outrage the moment they feel privacy is actually at risk - because someone has a camera on their face instead of their hands.

Facebook is actually very clever to obtain all this data without triggering this sensation for the average person.

People know.. but they do not *feel*.

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I want the future to be #solarpunk, not cyberpunk. Although still technologically and scientifically advanced, but everything we need for a healthy and wholesome lifestyle is self-sufficient and "holistic".

We've been trying to maintain a garden and veggie field every summer now, apart from work and other stuff. Eventually you get into the routine. All veggies and fruit are homegrown and there's a lot of them left for selling.

This is a small part of the garden.

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So, about "partner." Before moving to Canada I didn't know how common the word was here. Everyone I've met says "partner" whether they're married, common-law, or something else, and straight, LGBTQIA, etc. It doesn't imply ownership, it's gender neutral, it's a good word.