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My own (Gotta abuse hashtags at least once in my life)

Graduated with a associates of science in computer

Love , , , , , , and

Would consider myself to the , I would say like a -universalist politics-wise


Looking for more in my everyday !


I posted about my friend's situation in PA but it's become much more dire. Anyone in the harrisburg pa area that can help a trans girl find a place to live please contact me.

boosts mean more than anything

Good evening all! Played some today and it was great(as usual). We have so many people now and for one of the players, his first roll was a nat 20! Also also! Got my new Raspberry Pi Zero W running, and I'm thinking of what to do with it besides as a local fileserver. Maybe something related.

Been playing Fish Tales on Pinball FX3. I know purists dislike it due to the censorship, and I honestly can't get behind the censorship of the table.

I know they want to get as many people playing the tables as possible, but I find altering classic tables to be quite dumb. I'm no pinball aficionado, but when playing these tables, I think they should've made a second "game" as it were with a higher rating so that the tables could be in their original forms.

Aha here's an #amiga A500. I wrote my first C code on one of these bad girls. Also my first taste of GUI programming with Intuition!


This is creative and an educational use of a weekend to build your own #phone. Keep in mind the #MakerPhone will only be capable of calls, messages and playing snake but it would be a fantastic addition to a static home system #tech #diy

So, just a heads up on the game we're doing. We suddenly gained 2 new people, bringing us up to 5 PC's and 2 NPC's. Yeah, it's kinda crowded now! To bring what game is like onto Mastodon, I think I'm going to live-toot the session from now on! We just need a tag, lol.

Anyways, so far the roster consists of:
Me, a Mountain Dwarf Hunter
the DM
A Dragonborne Sorcerer
A Human Rogue
A Dwarf Cleric
and I think a Elf or Half-Elf Paladin.

The 2 NPCs are:
A Elf Paladin
A Cancun Sorcerer

#DidYouKnow you can host your own website on a private server powered by a solar panel!

This article explains: all you need is an Olimex Lime 2 single-board computer + a solar panel.

Would you want to host a #FreedomBox using solar power? Let us know!

Watching play Mega Man X2! Come join for a first timers playthrough!

That feel when tech companies want to turn computers into magical boxes that only they can repair, it feels vaguely dystopian in nature. Consumers will pay for it... and they'll pay in more ways than one.

I think all we can do is offer education as to why it's a bad thing and anti-consumer to allow those practices to continue.

There's still so much I myself need to do to rid myself of these technologies and services. Once you're in, it's hard to get out. I think I'm closer though.

I like how #Microsoft wanted to save space for users by removing four 'empty' directories, instead of focusing on making #Windows produce less junk.

Good afternoon all! Pre-ordered Smash Bros Ultimate and watching and discussing 's bizarre adventure!

Watching play Mario Maker for good Mario goodness now. Come join in on the fun!

Good evening all! Today I had a friend over and we played Super world for the . We also played Turtles in Time for the SNES as well! Fun times were definitely had!

Good evening all! It's cloudy outside, and was raining earlier. Makes me want to stay inside all day!

So I'm still all about the right to repair your own computer, , , and . Just been thinking about what to do!

On another note, I'm waiting for 12 to come out. I haven't heard of anything about the new features tho. I do know that it will support though, which I think rocks.

Also can't wait to get Win10 off my laptop <_<

Proprietary, centralized, and monetized. If those three words describe a service, you are subjecting yourself to exploitation by using it. Try to take as much control over your data as possible.

Please remove all malware from all ads first.

Your move.

I posted on again! Yay me! Now to keep it up daily like I used to!

Today I also heard that Tropical Storm Micheal might turn into a hurricane and potentially hit my state. I hate hurricane season.

Good afternoon all! Today I played some and it was a blast! Well, it was a blast due to the fact that a new person came in that I had a hand in letting them know about the game. So we created his character, a Dragonborne Sorcerer. He says he modeled him after his character, which I find to be great.

It's always nice when you can transition from one medium to another, especially one that involves group participation, strategy, insightfulness and imagination!

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