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My own (Gotta abuse hashtags at least once in my life)

Graduated with a associates of science in computer

Love , , , , , , and

Would consider myself to the , I would say like a -universalist politics-wise


Looking for more in my everyday !

Good morning all! Getting through the first dungeon in 5! I'm 50% of the way there(At least according to the game!). Also, I reserved Smash Bros Ultimate! Can't wait!

Sorry I haven't been updating, just been really busy! I hope everyone has been having a good time.

On the computing front, I'm encountering kernel panics with unfortunately. I encountered them with too, so it might just be my machine is finally dying or something. But I have a backup machine!

Heyo all. starts tomorrow! I'm hyped! Also kinda worried, since I've never done that kind of thing before! I think I can do, though! I know there are strategies and various other things you can do to mitigate any issues!

Also I'm getting back into as I recently bought 3 for PS1! Still playing my and tons too though! I might also get a as I never had one growing up. There's lots of games I've missed that I want to play!

This week we won important petitions submitted to the Library of Congress to make it easier for people to legally remove or repair software in devices we own.

I'm taking back #HACKTHEPLANET

It now means guerilla networking to save the net.

We can do it. It's notnimpossible like they want everyone to think.

I'm amused that my most appreciated post here is a photo of my cats sniffing at a Pentium III. I guess I need to take more cats with computer stuff photos.

New Model Army Live on The Tube 20/01/84

performing Christian Militia, then Smalltown England, both from their first LP.

Definitely "post-punk" and not "goth", but I love this band's first LP and this is a good excuse to link it. And this particular performance is amazing.

Might be using version control for my novel, although that might be overkill. It depends on whether I have enough time to edit any of it. I'm thinking of putting stuff somewhere in there.

I'm mainly doing the nanowrimo to learn how to write better, and also just to give myself a space to write about what I want.

Unpacking computer parts while cooking occasionally leads to cats begging for some hilarious things.

We received an anonymous $5,000 USD donation. We would like to thank the community for the help and support. Your donations fund and sustain the project as well as help build our infrastructure. We immensely appreciate every penny.

#HardenedBSD #donations

Good evening all! Wound up making a flyer for a video game night that would be hosted at my place, and that advertises to people who need tutoring at the local colleges. So that should be fun!

I'm going back to college soon, or at least I hope so! I already have a degree, but ultimately it didn't really suit me and I can't seem to find a job for it, so that's why I'm going back. I like writing, so I'm probably going to aim for something involving that.

Recap: Mastodon :mastodon: security and privacy tips.

– enable two-factor authentication
– monitor sessions activity
– regularly check your authorized apps
– check your "post privacy" settings
– use "authorized followers" feature
– host your own Mastodon instance if necessary

#mastodon #security #privacy #2fa #monitoring #infosec #cybersecurity

Let's say I'm searching for a new laptop:
-max. 13 inch (as lightweight as possible)
-usb-C charging
-suitable for running (k)ubuntu
(- Wacom digitizer optional but would be awesome!)

Any recommendations?

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