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I personally don't want Microsoft using my Wireless Routers as a geolocation beacon for anyone in range of my network so I figured out how to opt-out 🤗 Just make sure you input the MAC address from your router, not your PC 🙏


After 25 years, I've discovered ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs Finally, I know why some directories get special icons in GUI file managers.

Recently found a cool 'jump' function for bash to quickly jump to often-used directories, but didn't like the Fish shell implementation that much, so I forked it and tweaked it to my liking: github.com/eshapard/hop-fish

Today at $WORK, I realized even the top architects of this $MEGACORP have NO IDEA what I am talking about.

- Them: Why can't we push a new system image to all the machines every time we have something to update?

- Me: You have 250+ machines in this infrastructure - using system images every time is a waste of time and bandwidth, especially since we can use 'apt'...

- Them: What is this 'apt' that you speak of?

- Me: 😲

- Them: Is it another one of your hippie open source thingie?

-Me: 🤦‍♂️

I lived through this blizzard. Being a native of Wisconsin means toughing out rough weather (-32 right now, without windchill)... but I will never forget the blizzard of 78... we were stranded at my grandparents house for 2 days...

I jokingly tell someone who commented in all-caps that I will disable her capslock key.


Then I realize that she must be holding down the Shift key and typing with one finger because she doesn't know . . . .

The crosses we bear . . . .

Anyone read the Magician's series by Lev Grossman? Syfy did a great adaptation, but I highly recommend the book series. Less woke; more geek culture.

A big plot point for one of the characters is a private BBS server called Free Trader Beowulf (a reference to a 1977 RPG).

#Lagrange v1.10.2 is available:


Fixes issues with input queries and #Gopher "up" navigation. The updated Smol Emoji is included, so Unicode 8 is now covered plus a few extra ones from later versions.


I just installed finger2020 on my raspberry pi and now I can't stop fingering myself! Config instructions were a little unclear. You have to edit /etc/sysconfig/finger2020.env to set it up.


finger fouroclock@text.adventuregameclub.com

Hi! I just got an account on the SDF mastodon, after being an SDF member for some time. I'm giving Mastodon a shot and I think SDF is probably the best instance for me.

I like piña coladas and long walks down the command line. I've been a linux user since 1995 and I still enjoy the occasional interactive fiction game.

I go by Four O'Clock Somewhere because that's when I get off work; not because I'm a big drinker. But I do enjoy a good tiki bar. 🍹

I just flew in from a Ravioli convention.

Boyardees arms tired. 🤣

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"I appreciate SDF but it's a general-purpose server and the name doesn't make it obvious that it's about art." - Eugen Rochko