@sl that's quite a hack, how does it work? some kind of vga sense signal?

todays bizzare linux issue:
- if nm-applet is running, the wifi driver crashes.
- if it's not, it works.


@sl pro/wireless 2915 abg. i'm very slowly porting iwi from openbsd.

o_o i got a wifi firmware to load. hopefully sending commands to this thing isn't too hard.

@sl another thing that helps is to run netsurf on a cpu server. it sucks to not be able to use it on older hardware though :(
it takes 48s for it to load the 9front releases page on my x41t o_o

@sl what kind of storage are you using? i've noticed that netsurf can run super slow if you are loading the binary from a remote fs. i used strip to remove the symbols and it helped a lot.

@robdaemon hmmm, i don't know then. i haven't had any messages since it was fixed (about 12pm pdt if i converted right) but it should be fine.

@robdaemon this was actually because of a dns error left behind because of a move to a different machine.
should be fixed now :)

@neauoire @sejo o_o swapping functioe pointers is a clever trick, nice! i'm curious as to why a switch-case is faster than the opcode table.

@neauoire @karolbelina yeah compiling software is too much work for a lot of people. if you wanted to distribute uxn roms as a native binary perhaps you could embed a rom in a statically-linked emulator.

@julienxx maybe try the proprietary amd gpu drivers (i know, sucks :/), sometimes they can have better power management.

@julienxx more detailed specs? does the amd laptop have one of those apu's with radeon graphics?

@julienxx have you tried powertop? it should show you what power saving options you might have missed.

@neauoire @alderwick o_o cool! i wonder how well the 4-colour graphics of existing uxn programs will map to the monochrome display.

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@eggandburger ahh yeah, anything that needs a special driver wont work ofc. something that says its compatible with smartphones should be a plain old usb sound device that will work with nusb/audio.

@eggandburger 9front has no drivers for audio on any raspberry pi because there is no dac chip, the audio jack is driven by gpio. you can use a usb dac for sound.

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