Outlook sent all of the 9front mailing list into my spam folder. ProtonMail sends like 50% of it into spam. I guess I’ll try using my SDF email address for that mailing list.


@robdaemon this was actually because of a dns error left behind because of a move to a different machine.
should be fixed now :)

@foura ProtonMail was complaining about, but in the most recent messages it's put in spam, it's not complaining about DNS anymore. (newest one was 5:32 am PDT today)

@robdaemon hmmm, i don't know then. i haven't had any messages since it was fixed (about 12pm pdt if i converted right) but it should be fine.

@foura yeah, the problem with Outlook and ProtonMail is that their heuristics aren't available to view. Oh well, SDF will work fine for me.

@sl @foura hey, I do devops all day. Stuff happens!! ❤️

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