doing a bit of website development. going to write a c program to make pages next.

done a bit more work. i have an index page that is automatically generated now.

it doesn't look like much, but it's working :) now i need to actually manage memory instead of never freeing anything :/

luckily 9 has no valgrind so nothing to shout at me :P

@foura out of curiosity, is that all running on 9front?


@spk for most of them, the left window is drawterm connected to my 9front servers, and the right window is just firefox. the post where i complain about netsurf breaking my svg is all 9front.

@foura I was partly curious because I was fairly sure that was Firefox in the right window :) drawterm + FF on OpenBSD?

@spk not openbsd sadly :( on linux mint atm because of software i needed. i need to reinstall openbsd.

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