this might be a hot take but i think england should be set on fire

It's finally time! the 0xC.pad is available *now* from me (assembled) & four other vendors (as a DIY kit)!✨


It's a 12-key macropad with hexagonal keycaps that I designed as well. It runs on an integrated ATMega32U2 microcontroller and QMK out of the box.

This is the very first time I'm selling something I built with my own hands, so I'm super excited (and a bit nervous)! I'd really appreciate a retoot for this one ❤️

"We'd love for you to come and talk to our javascript working group"
"You know I hate the fucking thing, and I think you're all tools to be using that shit right?"
"Yes, that's why we want to meet you"
"Aight, see you in october."

I can't wait.

I wanna see a show where one of the background characters slowly transitions over the course of the series. And not even make it a thing.


Ah heck, just caught up with the #9front list. Rest in peace Mycroftiv, you made a really awesome community with 9gridchan.

This sort of summarises the idiocy of the Royal Family and Britain in general doesn't it?

Like, yeah, the guard must stay in that stern and proper position because it's dignified, unlike being providing more frequent breaks or using your own hands to drink water.

date and time!

this one was easier than i expected, because the twl4030 chip has an rtc.

now with a much more interesting game of donsol (it seeds it's prng from the time)

there's a left! :)

the controller device is now complete, other than using the camera button for start in uxn-land.

shame you can't save any files yet, but that needs a lot more code.

got i2c and the keypad going enough to have the d-pad and a + b buttons of the controller device work in uxn900.

the lack of datetime device makes for a pretty boring game of donsol though :P

Twitter is starting to block some instances of Mastodon... Spread the word!

This is the ideal scroll bars. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

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i wonder why i2c doesn't work /s
so so stupid......

static void
i2c_initiate_transfer(Uint32 base)
Uint32 tmp;

tmp = i2c_reg_read(base, Rcon);
tmp |= Rconstt;
tmp |= Rconstp;

I turn on my PC.

The local wildlife are immediately sterilised by the excessive output from my four exposed nuclear reactors running at a critically risky heat output.

The sound of 10,000 cooling fans deafens the city’s morning traffic as my warehouse of 500 parallel-chained AMD Razer Threadrippers bursts into life, forming the equivalent processing power of 2015 in one room.

Nearby, my cluster of Nvidia 5090 Test Cards begins to warp the local time continuum as they calculate answers man was never meant to know.

Very gently, I open Microsoft Teams.

Instantly, the already deafening noise of fans increases to a murderous wail as they try to keep my equipment at operating temperatures. A nuclear reactors’ fusion catches up with its cooling and explodes destroying the lives of millions. The floor begins to melt away as my processors over clocked ten-fold reach critical mass and descend directly into hell. My Nvidia cluster collapses into a singularity and begins to devour the planet.

Quickly now, I open a text chat, it’s a bit laggy.

The sheer struggle of loading some text destroys the remaining systems. Me and my equipment are deleted from reality by an unknown overseer.

Humanity is not ready for instant messaging

the glitch on the ball is a symptom of the complete lack of vsync, but it isn't visible in person

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i've playing with bare metal uxn on my nokia n900. so far it boots and has uxn's console device hooked up to the uart. sadly it won't run on the real hardware yet because of a watchdog timer i think :(

todays bizzare linux issue:
- if nm-applet is running, the wifi driver crashes.
- if it's not, it works.


o_o i got a wifi firmware to load. hopefully sending commands to this thing isn't too hard.

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