I'm moving to an instance that is friendly, just as soon as I can get forwarding to work for followers.
Meet me at fk@shitcoin.land

Kyiv Independent's reporting and bravery in bringing the War on to English speaking audiences has been exceptional and inspiring.

What are your favorite or ?
Looking to expand my tiny world.

Next halvening scheduled for March 29, 2024.
You only have 2 years to stack cheap sats, so get going!
Time flies when you're halvening fun!

You'd be forgiven for thinking there is no capability in , but you'd be wrong. layer 2 solution has active niche communities trading the oldest NFT tokens on BTC. Its just more of a FOSS platform than VC driven web3 thing. Still its powerful.

Explore CP assets at xchain.io

Uses triggering acronym NFT. 

I learn best by doing, so will be airdropping 1k unique images as part of our port of to the blockchain. Soon.


I will offer you one when the time to drop comes. I dont care that you dont want one.
All free. All fun.

If you want to play, try our port to . Its live on Testnet.

Send me your address for Testnet $Uno

brought and assets to . To learn it, I'm working with others to port it to $uno blockchain, one of the oldest , as .


I keep reading that these trillionaire Russian oligarch kleptocrats are evading sanctions with , but price action says otherwise.
Meanwhile, says they've raked in $100M+ in donations (a few of those SATs were mine).

Glad to be settling in at my new home at mastodon.sdf.org

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"I appreciate SDF but it's a general-purpose server and the name doesn't make it obvious that it's about art." - Eugen Rochko