@fiddlerwoaroof i can't believe i didn't know you could do this. or in my REPL, (i-c-b-i-d-k-y-c-d-t <tab> ) C^j <carriage>

@phoe @fiddlerwoaroof it autoexpands to a form i evaluated down to a function called i-cant-believe-i-didnt-know-you-could-do-this :P

@nydel @phoe this behavior of slime completion was one of the selling points for me

@nydel @phoe it makes it less painful to deal with lisp's penchant for multi-word function and variable names. The other thing that's helpful is doing something like sb:s-l-a-d, and it'll complete the package name as well, to sb-ext:save-lisp-and-die

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