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Algo que escribi respecto a la independización de los grandes sistemas como Google o Amazon (lo voy a traducir en

I think should have its own mastodon profile but... where?

Very happy, I saw my family over videocall and my ex employer called me the other day so everything seems good at the verge of 2021

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Lemmy is the Fediverse's alternative to Reddit, allowing discussion and link-sharing in a familiar format. It's FOSS and federated, so different communities are hosted on different servers.

✅ You can try out Lemmy on its flagship server at or find out more at

It's currently only federating between Lemmy servers, but it will eventually federate with other Fediverse server types like Mastodon etc.

#FediTips #Fediverse #Reddit #Alternatives

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Las charlas virtuales con videoconferencia, estan sobre estimadas. Todo el tráfico que se genera con todos los feeds de video, consumen un ancho de banda infinitamente mayor a herramientas de texto, o inclusive audio, como #mumble. Tenemos que abstraernos y utilizar menos ancho de banda. Es solamente para tener la cara de la otra persona, mirando un punto que no es la cámara, porque miramos la imagen del otro en la pantalla, por lo tanto tampoco es que con el video, nos miramos a la cara o a los ojos. El 80% de las veces, prendo la cámara, saludo, para que vean que soy yo, y luego apago porque me duele mucho el ancho de banda. Si somos todes los que estamos en un Jitsi o un Zoom, con ha cámara apagada por la misma razon, entonces usemos mumble y dejemosno de joder, no? Mi próxima charla virtual va a ser con un PDF descargable y por mumble, comentando el PDF en vivo, mientras todos lo ven en suspantallas #internet #video #zoom #jitsi #mumble

Damn, it's a little annoying trying to get sound from WSL but apparently it's doable. Lack of documentation and the newness of the whole thing is to blame.

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Finally I could read mail within It's easy as pie but I never tried. I recommend using it with faces and acme like this guy here

Tried to resize a root partition in . I didn't succeed but at least I didn't break anything. Then I read a comment explaining what I did wrong below the tutorial I was looking at before 🤦‍♂️

I couldn't manage to get sound out of in Virtualbox :(

I admit it. Using any BSD from a Virtualbox instance is awkward. The mouse works awfully bad and goes on and off if you move it too far but at least it let me give a try to in a desktop form :)

Testing from . It's better to set up Brutaldon if you don't wanna use JS at all (it's disabled by default)

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